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<b>The NFC EAST race looks very tight as for 2003. Each Monday at Eaglesinsider.com, we'll take a look at the NFC East, position by position, to get you ready for training camp and the start of the 2003 NFL season. This week we'll break down the Quarterbacks.</b>

There is good crop of experienced Quarterbacks for each of the Four NFC EAST teams. For the Eagles it's Donovan McNabb with his quick legs and cannon of an arm. In New York it's Kerry Collins with his incredible ease in the pocket. Dallas has Chad Hutchinson complete with his extreme toughness. And finally Patrick Ramsey looks to be the QB of the future for Washington. It should be a competitive year for the NFC EAST. So let's get started.

Name: Patrick Ramsey Team: Washington Years pro: 1 H: 6-2 W: 217lbs

Ramsey was the third Quarterback to start for the Washington Redskins last season. He faced a tough task coming into the "fun and gun" offense. Ramsey started 5 games for the skins in ‘02. He completed 51.5% of his passes and threw for 1,539 yards. He threw nine Touchdowns and eight interceptions, not a great ratio, but pretty solid for a rookie. Ramsey should be fine this year, he had a decent first year with a QB rating of 71.8. Ramsay spent a lot of time on his back last season and didn't have a lot of time to deliver the ball. This kid looks a lot like Jake Plummer, and if he turns out like Jake the Snake, the Eagles will have a tough time against the Redskins for years to come. He has confidence in himself and is not afraid to run with the ball. Look for Ramsey to be a star in the next couple of years.

Name: Kerry Collins Team: New York Giants Years pro: 9 H: 6-5 W: 250lbs

Collins is often praised for his attitude in the pocket. You never seem to see the guy panic. Collins does not have a lot of time to get the ball off because of New York's horrible offensive line. He is entering his fifth year as a Giant quarterback, and looks to improve even more then his past four. Last year he completed an incredible 61% of his passes, and led the Giants to the playoffs once again. With the offensive line he has, those are amazing accomplishments. He had one of the leagues best passing ratings at 85.4, and that task was made easier by throwing to guys like Tiki Barber and Amani Toomer. Collins is a good all around QB. If the Giants do some work on their offensive line they should be fine. Collins is very consistent and could easily pick apart a secondary. Collins is probably one of the top ten quarterbacks in the league. Look for him to have a breakout year.

Name: Chad Hutchinson Team: Dallas Years pro: 2 H: 6-5 W: 237lbs

Chad is known for his toughness and ability to take a good hit. This hardiness could get the kid hurt though. He often thinks he has to prove something by sliding head first into guys like Brian Urlacher, which is not a smart move for anybody. The Cowboys don't want him hurt. He has slowly become their number one quarterback. He started nine games last year. He only completed 50% of his passes though, but with Bill Parcell's new offense being implemented, look for him to have a solid 2003 campaign. He posted a pathetic 66.3 passing rating last year, but with the acquisition of Terry Glen, and being able to throw to guys like Joey Galloway, that number should improve as well. The scary thing is, it's very possible that he has reached his prime. Hutchinson is not a good QB, it's just that simple. The Boys have a very good team, but will never make the playoffs unless they get a concrete quarterback.

Name: Donovan McNabb Team: Philadelphia Years pro: 4 H: 6-2 W: 240lbs

What's not to like here? McNabb is the leader of the Philly offense, and the key to the franchise. Donovan has a cannon of an arm, and is a terrific running quarterback. His accuracy may be his only drawback. McNabb has a great arm but tends to over throw receivers, and in situations, under throw them as well. He goes out early for pre-game warm-ups just to throw out his arm a little, so not to overthrow his receivers. He posted a QB rating of 86.0. He has the experience to be not a good QB, but a great QB for years to come.

Overall Outlook: Donovan McNabb is the best quarterback in the NFC EAST, right now. He has the taste of playoff atmosphere in him and is hungry for more. None of the other quarterbacks have that desire. McNabb is not just the top QB in the NFC EAST, but in the league as well. You look around the league and see great quarterbacks, but they have great weapons to go along with them. McNabb doesn't. If McNabb gets a big time receiver anytime soon, all Eagles fans should reserve their tickets for Super Bowl XXXVIII!

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