The Other side..The season can't start soon enough

<B>Everyone knows that football is a sport pumped with testosterone, and a haven for the male population of this country. But men can't have all the fun; women love and understand the game too. Kate Kloss will bring her football expertise to this site giving a female's perspective on what's going on with the Eagles and football related issues.<B>

With Lincoln Financial Field opening to season ticket holders and the general public on the weekend of July 25, every man out there is anxiously awaiting their first trip to the Eagles new home, but there is a gender that is very much over looked: Women.

I am a diehard Eagles fan, born with green and silver blood! I along with countless other women out there are extremely excited to be one of the first into the Linc. My boyfriend and I already planned our whole day for that July 27 afternoon. I am just like one of the guys when it comes to football; I love the atmosphere with the Eagles, the hits, the weather and the complete thrill that runs through my body after each and every touchdown and victory.

The days cant go fast enough leading up to the opening of the Philadelphia Eagles 2003 season. The Journey begins at Training Camp on the Lehigh University practice fields in Bethlehem, PA. It continues on to the pre-season games against the Jets and Patriots. The atmosphere will grow even more intense with the crisp cool fall temperatures tapering off to the cold winter months.

The Monday Night opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be an unforgettable evening. Not only is this the season opener for the Eagles, but it will also be a festive Monday night contest in the spectacular Lincoln Financial field. "The Linc" is one of the top stadiums in America. This game offers the possibility of sweet revenge being paid to the Super Bowl champions.

Before we know it the wait will finally over, 16 games with hopefully a 19 game winning streak. If all goes according to plan, this year's Eagles team will be even better than last. Hopefully this team can achieve an NFC Eastern Division championship and a Super Bowl visit to finally bring home a title to the best city in the world, Philadelphia.

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