Meet the Eagles: John Welbourn

<b>John Welbourn, a fourth year starter from The University of California is an anchor on the offensive line. He commands a malicious on field attitude, and can outmuscle and outthink anyone across the line of scrimmage. Welbourn loves building and riding motorcycles, and his biker demeanor is what gives him his on-field persona.</b>

John Welbourn is intense. He is a perfect compliment to right tackle John Runyan, as each have a mean streak and can take advantage of the opposition. Both components to the right side of the Eagles line are rock solid, and have been part of a group that only allowed 36 sacks in 2002, and has been pretty dominant in run blocking as well. Welbourn has been the Eagles starter for four years and is beginning to reap the praises from head coach Andy Reid. "He's an intense football player," said Reid. "He's mastering that guard position. At the same time he's not afraid to get himself downfield. If people are standing around he's going to let them know he's there" Reid told John's tenacity is what makes him the player that he is.

Welbourn's tenacity goes beyond the football field, however. In 2001 He established PAC, a Political Action Committee to get his agent Ed Cunningham, from Texas, elected to the U.S. Senate. Welbourn has put forth his time and hard effort towards his committee and his teammates have helped his cause in a major way.

On the Field, John Welbourn has paved the way for Duce Staley's 1,000-yard seasons and been dominant against some great defensive tackles. As a guard, he is also good and making his way downfield to run block and pave the way for a scrambling McNabb or a quick Duce Staley. Welbourn will share continuity with his line mates for many years to come.

As is the case with any great offensive line, cohesiveness is key. The Eagles hope that signing Welbourn to an eight-year contract extension will help continue the bond shared by their men in the trenches. The Eagles line has been together since 2001 and will continue to be, long into the future. If this group continues to dominate as it has since Andy Reid has taken over the team, it could go down as one of the best lines in recent history.

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