Carl's Divisional breakdown: NFC East

<b>This has been an interesting off-season to say the least. There has been plenty to talk about and over the next few weeks I will examine each division. We'll look at each team in every division leading up to opening night on Sept 4th when the New York Jets open up against the Washington Redskins to kick off the much-anticipated 2003-2004 season. We will begin with the division nearest and dearest to our hearts: The NFC East.</b>

The Eagles (12-4) displayed one of the most exciting seasons Philly fans have ever endured. That wasn't enough for the hungry birds. The team went on to capture home field advantage throughout the playoffs to ensure the road to the Super Bowl went through the Vet, they scored a franchise record 415 points while only giving up 241. They went an outstanding 11-1 in the NFC losing only to the Giants in the last week of the season. They enjoyed a first round bye and knocked a rising power in the Atlanta Flacons out of the playoffs, before suffering a heart-breaking loss at the hands of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to end a deep playoff run.

The Giants (10-6) are coming off one of their most disappointing and controversial endings to a season in franchise history. Just seconds away from advancing to the divisional playoffs, and a match up against the Birds, the San Francisco 49ers stole the game right out from underneath of them. It has been a long off-season to think about what happened and you can bet the Giants are more then ready to make another run this year and avenge what came to such an abrupt halt last year. They've added key veterans and resigned others to ensure they have the stability they want and need on and off the field.

The Redskins (7-9) were once again one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL. Entering the season, Redskins fans were thrilled about bringing in long time Florida Gators head coach Steve Spurrier and his "fun-n-gun" offense. Fans saw this infamous offense score a dismal 307 points all year, while switching quarterbacks almost weekly. Spurrier realized the talent level is quite different then that of the college level, so he named RB coach Hue Jackson as offensive coordinator. It's a new year now and the Redskins are once again excited about the potential of their team. They signed or resigned 18 new players this off-season while losing only 11. They've added some key veterans as well as some promising rookies and will look to start making their way back to the top of the east.

The Cowboys (5-11) have taken what they hope to be huge strides in their re-building process. They've hired Hall of Fame coach Bill Parcells to turn this team around, regain the respect of the league and reclaim their title as "America's Team." After a few disappointing seasons the Cowboys are moving in the right direction. However, they are still unsure who is going to be the man to lead them on the field at QB. The Cowboys will be improved this year, but still are a year or two away from contending.

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