Meet the Eagles: Jon Runyan

<B>It's time for teams in the NFL to get down to business; vacation is over for every player coach and team. With training camp less then one month away, here at Eaglesinsider we will profile an Eagles starter every day from now until the first day of practice on July 28. Today we'll take a look at the Eagles right tackle, Jon Runyan. Runyan was a key off-season acquisition in 2000 and has made a major impact on the team since first putting on silver and midnight green.</B>

Jon Runyan has been to the Super Bowl with the Tennessee Titans, and is hungry for more. Coming one yard short of all-time glory, he has made it his personal mission to bring a Lombardi Trophy home to the city of brotherly love. While he is only one piece of a championship puzzle, Runyan is the first line of defense against opposing pass rushers on franchise quarterback Donovan McNabb. When McNabb went down with an injury last season he motivated the rest of the offensive line to not let the same thing happen to Koy Detmer, or AJ Feeley. His performance against Arizona, once McNabb went down was amazing as well.

When Runyan was signed in 2000 he immediately became a leader in the locker room, and a force on the Eagles offensive line. Runyan, while not the outspoken type, has led this unit by his play on the field. His unyielding 6-7, 330 pound frame is intimidating to most defensive ends, and gives him the upper hand in many of his matchups.

One of the most anticipated and fabled matchups Runyan is faced with every year is against New York's Michael Strahan. These two have had some great battles, but it seems that Strahan may have the upper hand. Runyan's speed, or lack there of, is what sometimes allows defensive ends to have fits against him. If he could only learn to lead more with his hands, and be less flatfooted, his game would be even better. As a whole, however, Jon Runyan is one of the best right tackles in the game.

He has been to the Pro-Bowl, made the All-Madden team and is a key to his line's success. Sure, he may lay a dirty hit on an unsuspecting defensive player once in awhile, but that's what gets his line mates into the game, and fans onto their feet. That reputation is what makes him the player that he is. Players fear facing Runyan, because not only does he do his best to block opposing forces, but he punishes them along the way.

Jon Runyan is one of the players who turned this offensive line from one of the worst in the league into one of the very best. It's no wonder Duce Staley can rush for 1,000 yards behind these guys, and McNabb, Detmer and Feeley can all lead a team to 314 points with players like Runyan on the line. With a healthy McNabb for an entire season, and a group of running backs who each bring different tendencies to the table, this line will get even more notoriety in 2003, and Jon Runyan will become that much more feared by the opposition.

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