Meet the Eagles: Jermane Mayberry

<b>The downtime in the NFL is over, and so are the vacations of all players, coaches and staffers for NFL teams. Training camp is less than one month away, here at Eaglesinsider we'll profile an Eagles starter every day until the first day of practice on July 28th. Today, we'll take a look at Jermane Mayberry his play on the field and his charitable contributions off of it. Mayberry was a first round selection that had many fans scratching their heads, but that gamble is paying off.</B>

Jermane Mayberry was born partially blind in his left eye, and has fought through that adversity to become the starting right guard for the Philadelphia Eagles. Playing his college ball at Texas A&M Kingsville, many questioned what the Eagles saw in the 6-4, 325 pound, Mayberry. Those critics questioned how a player from such a small school, with poor eyesight in his left eye, could play on the left side of the offensive line, Mayberry proved them wrong.

In his six-year career, Mayberry has played left tackle, left guard, and finally, right guard, all since being drafted by Ray Rhodes in 1996. Playing alongside Jon Runyan, Mayberry has flourished into a pro-bowl caliber player. On the field, Mayberry dominates opposing defensive tackles and protects quarterback Donovan McNabb. Off the field he is a warm hearted charitable person.

Shortly after joining the Eagles in 1996, Mayberry established the "Eagles Eye Mobile". The Eye Mobile is a charitable venture spearheaded by the starting right tackle, in conjunction with the Eagles Youth Partnership. It donates free eye-exams and eyeglasses to children who need, but cannot afford them. In the past six years, more than 6,200 students have received free eye exams, and more than half of those children received free prescription eyeglasses, others were referred to Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia for treatment. Mayberry and his eye mobile are indispensable for children in Philadelphia.

Not only does he sponsor the Eagles Eye Mobile, but Mayberry also opened a frozen treats shop called "J-Berries" in his hometown of Floresville Texas. Jermane's brother runs the shop, and Mayberry also donates money for scholarships to local high school students, through the profit made by the store. It is clear that Jermane Mayberry is charitable in many ways.

Much like 2003 "Good Guy" Troy Vincent, Mayberry was recognized by Sporting News as one of their top "Good Guys" in their 1999 issue. Jermane is deserving of that honor and his actions show the merit for the award to be bestowed upon him.

On and off the field, Jermane Mayberry is a key member of the Philadelphia Eagles. When Rhodes and company selected him in the first round of the 1996 draft, it may have been a stretch, but in the long run that move is paying dividends for the club.

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