Lincoln Financial Field: Is it ruining Game Day?

There's no question that Lincoln Financial Field will be the best sports venue in America. With the new amenities such as amazing sightlines, gigantic crystal clear video screens. The Luries consulted "experts" to define the perfect gameday experience, but with new restrictions, they are not just redefining the game day experience, they may just be ruining it. Signs are no longer allowed to be hung on any existing structure. This means, no more signman and his fabled sayings.

A staple at Veterans Stadium, Sign man posted sayings each week along his section in the 300 level. His plain paper signs defined the mood of Philadelphia Eagles fans entering the gates of the concrete giant. Such signs as "You're not in Lambeau anymore" directed towards the Atlanta Falcons in the divisional playoffs this year. To the classic "We have a Bible, but we don't have a prayer" summed up just how Eagles fans felt about their inept offensive coordinator Dana Bible during the horrid 1998 season. Sign man was a fixture at Veterans Stadium, but when the team moves to Lincoln Financial Field, this fall, don't expect to see any of sign man's signs hung along his section.

Ever since Jeff Lurie and Joe Banner have purchased this franchise, they have made the attempt to drive the history of the team further and further away from the present makeup of the organization. From virtually ignoring the history of Veterans Stadium, to changing the logos and uniforms one year after their purchase, change has been in the air since the partners bought the Eagles.

Granted, since these two have taken over the organization, the team has made more strides towards a championship then ever. However, some fans are down right fuming over changes being implemented in Lincoln Financial Field. One of which is taking away a fan's right to hanging signs. This means that the era of Sign Man will come to an end this season.

Jeffrey and Christina Lurie hope to promote an "aesthetically pleasing environment" in the new home of their prized football team. But, pardon me, is this the Kimmel Center's presentation of Cats, or is this a Philadelphia Eagles game? For years fans have brought signs emblazoned with their opinions to hang in the end zones or on the concourses of the Vet. Entering the Vet and looking for sign man's signs, and the signs of other fans was a tradition at the Vet. Now, it looks as though the only tradition fans will have now, is to check out the sayings inscribed on the hundreds of advertisements sure to be inside the stadium.
*Publishers Note*
If you are an Eagles fan who wishes that the tradition of signman can continue, there is a petition. You can find it here, and maybe the voice of the fans can make a difference.
Save Sign Man

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