Jets their own worst enemy in loss to 49ers

With the New York Jets searching for answers, Sunday's outing was not quarterback Mark Sanchez's finest moment.

Is there anything positive you can say about this blowout loss? A Jets' squad that was looking to show their fans that they are not going to have a major bump in the road fell flat on their face on Sunday. The 49ers didn't overwhelm New York in the first half, but took care of the football unlike Mark Sanchez and company.

One look at the box score from this game and you'll notice the 49ers had the advantage in first downs, time of possession and total yards. But when it came to third down conversions the 49ers converted four out of twelve attempts, about two more than the Jets. The glaring errors of the team from the Bay Area were two missed field goals from 55-yards and 40-yards by David Akers. Unfortunately for Sanchez and the Jets, they never took advantage of what was given to them. In the early stages of the first half there was hope of marching down the field and getting a sustained drive going, but they were stopped by sacks, turnovers or incomplete passes.

Sanchez had the worst performance of his short NFL career. He forced plays when he had plenty of time, he misfired the ball to his receivers and to be honest Rex Ryan should have benched him for the rest of the fourth quarter and played Tim Tebow, not to signal a quarterback change for the rest of the season, but to concede the loss and get ready for Monday Night against the Houston Texans. It's a new system with Tony Sparano as the offensive coordinator, but the truth of the matter is this, Sanchez needs stop trying to force plays that are not there and the coaching needs to take the pressure off of Sanchez to allow him to run the ball and get the first down or into the end zone. Forcing him to stay in the pocket for too long will make things a lot worse in the long run. The non-contact injury to Santonio Holmes is very concerning because general manager Mike Tannenbaum, a so-called salary cap-ologist, has failed to shore up the wide receiver core with proven veterans to allow Jeremy Kerley and Stephen Hill to learn from and at the same time to give insurance to Sanchez that they will be able to catch the balls he throws. I also find it funny that the so-called Jets fans were chanting for Tim Tebow's name. If you saw what this so-called Wildcat does with Tebow in it, you will never have him complete it as he was stopped behind the line of scrimmage and lost a ton of yardage. If Tebow was brought in to light a fire under Sanchez, sadly it's cooled off. The only thing I can praise or give a moral victory to is the Jets defense. They sent a large message that they can and will step up without Darrelle Revis and make stops. They did what they had to do, but sadly they were on the field at times too long as the offense couldn't get the job done. That's what the Jets need to do and quickly for next week. Turn this thing around and prevent the Texans from getting their first ever win against the Jets.

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