Mock Draft World Championship Pick Breakdown

Submit unlimited entries into the Mock Draft World Championship to win the Grand Prize of $5,000! Fantasy Football Expert Ryan Foley breaks down all 20 of his draft picks. Pictured above, Green Bay WR Jordy Nelson, was his second-round choice.

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I used the sixth spot for this mock. On the Scout Fantasy premium forums, I recently discussed why drafting from this spot was the "sweet spot" in this year's fantasy drafts.

Here's the draft board from Rounds 1 to 10:

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First round
RB LeSean McCoy: This first selection seems like no-brainer. Shady McCoy somehow got to me at the 1.6 spot. The first five taken were all reasonable selections: Calvin Johnson, Jamaal Charles, Adrian Peterson, Matt Forte and Demaryius Thomas, respectively. Folks might think this is unrealistic to get McCoy at 1.06, but it will happen to some of you and you should be ready for it. I would have strongly considered Dez Bryant here as well.

Second round
WR Jordy Nelson: The second selection I had four main options to choose from: Doug Martin, Arian Foster, Nelson or Antonio Brown. I thought about taking a running back here but decided to go with Nelson. I would have easily considered Brown but I like Green Bay's potentially fast-paced offense combined with the fact that Aaron Rodgers is the a better overall QB than Ben Roethlisberger.

Third round
TE Rob Gronkowski: I had some good options here: Rodgers, Gronkowski, Vincent Jackson, Larry Fitzgerald and more to choose from. I took Gronk. For a second I thought about going with a safe WR but this is a best ball format and you'll have to take some risks. If Gronk stays healthy, he's one of those players that will win one of these formats. Plus, I can always find a safe TE later in the draft.

Fourth round
QB Drew Brees: This was a major turning point. The draft itself started to go extremely WR-heavy with a good mix of RBs off the board as well. But Drew Brees was still hanging around and I really like him in this format. It's a value pick and I'll have to recover from taking a TE and QB in two of the first four rounds later on.

Fifth round
WR Torrey Smith: This one was pretty easy. I like Smith and he's stayed pretty healthy. He also has the chance to put up good numbers for me. He's a low-risk option at this point and a good WR2 for me.

Sixth round
RB Toby Gerhart:  At this point the mock is still WR-heavy leaving great value at RB. I'll gladly take Gerhart here in the sixth when he could easily have been had in the 4th or 5th. Plus it will shore up my RBs for now and I can focus on hitting WRs.

Seventh round
WR Reggie Wayne: As expected, I went WR and took Wayne. If you've read my ADP value articles (Part 1 and Part 2), you'll know why. If you haven't, you don't have to be afraid of high caliber players that were injured in the previous season. If he stays healthy, I love Wayne as my WR3.

Eighth round
WR Golden Tate: Sticking with WR here. Tate is a value pick. Plus, the other options available in Hakeem Nicks, Riley Cooper, Kenny Stills and Rueben Randle; I'm not crazy about taking them in the eighth. Tate has the potential to put up great numbers in that pass-heavy Lions offense and I'm glad to have him as my WR4/first flex spot.

Ninth round
RB Danny Woodhead: Go ahead and check the remaining RBs here: Khiry Robinson, Fred Jackson, Terrance West and a few others. It's not looking good. I'll need at least one more solid RB in case of injury or as a bye week fill-in. The majority of guys left are backups or very injury-plagued. I decided to select Woodhead. The Chargers should be running a ton this year and he'll get decent touches in the passing game. He presents great value in this spot.

10th round
WR Kelvin Benjamin: I have the lingering issue of not having a healthy TE to lean on in case Gronk goes down for me but I decided to take Kelvin Benjamin here as I want another WR for my flex spot and think he'll have a decent year in Carolina as a red-zone target.  I'll be aiming to fill that TE spot in the next few rounds but there is still have plenty of quality left on the board at TE.

Here's the draft board from Rounds 11 to 20:

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QB Philip Rivers:  I think he's the last of the good QBs before the next underwhelming tier comes along in Andy Dalton, Eli Manning and Ryan Tannehill. It may not be the best decision, but it shores up my QB spot and allows me to start either Brees or Rivers every week. After an excellent 2013, Rivers has a chance to put up the occasional QB1 week.

12th round
TE Dwayne Allen: I got kind of stuck here. The last two rounds saw Martellus Bennett, Charles Clay and Tyler Eifert (whom I was desperately hoping would fall to me with news of Jermaine Gresham facing injury concerns). I can't wait any longer and have decided to roll with the ‘Matt De Lima special' -- Dwayne Allen. He's not as strong a pick as I was hoping for but I'll roll with it. It's probably my weakest position at this point and I might have to grab another depending how the rest of the draft goes.

13th round
WR Cody Latimer: With 20-man rosters and being a best ball format, I only have a few more picks before I have to grab 2 kickers and  probably 2 defenses. I took Cody Latimer as I am set on WRs and he has great upside if any Broncos' receiver goes down to injury.

14th round
RB Lance Dunbar: Rolled with Dunbar to finish off my RBs. They aren't great with McCoy, Gerhart and Woodhead, but you're going to have to make sacrifices somewhere if you want to pile on with receivers.

15th round
WR Mike Williams: Another ‘just in case' pick. Williams has some good upside in Buffalo as a red-zone target and opposite Sammy Watkins. He's a sneaky candidate to have  bigs weeks in this type of format.

16th round
Patriots DST: Defenses started heavily coming off the board in this round. I took the Patriots with the 49ers, Cardinals, Panthers, Bengals, Rams and Broncos all off the board. I'm not thrilled with the Chiefs and think the Patriots defense has some great potential with new additions.

17th round
K Greg Zuerlein: He has the most upside out of the rest of the kickers in this group.

18th round
RB Bryce Brown: Looking over the board I saw Bills running back Brown was still available. I am taking him for pure upside in case Fred Jackson or C.J. Spiller go down. Maybe even both of them at some point in the season go down to injury and he becomes a nice starter. Crazier things have happened.

19th round
TE Scott Chandler: Some late round drama. Looking over my bye-weeks I realized both my tight ends in Gronk and Allen have the same bye-week 10. Unbelievable. Realizing this, there are very little options left on the board. I have decided to roll with Scott Chandler of the Bills as he's the last remaining starter on the board. This is probably a good time to remind you to watch out for bye-weeks, and yes, even ‘experts' have mishaps from time-to-time. (Editor's note: With free unlimited entries into the MDWC, you can just submit this entry and start another mock for another shot at $5,000.)

20th round
K Sebastian Janikowski: I like the Raiders' long-legged veteran Janikowski to remain steady and round out my kickers. You may need two in case one of yours gets hurt, you won't have a second to lean on. This is a debatable issue.

We want to hear your thoughts on this mock draft. Tell us which picks you loved and which picks you hated on our SCOUT FANTASY forums!

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