Daily Dr. Roto - Monday, July 28

Recent news reports suggest the Dolphins want to use third-year RB Lamar Miller as their own personal LeSean McCoy. Not so fast, my friend! Dr. Roto is quick to dismiss such delusions of grandeur.


"Shady" Miller

I always laugh when teams use players to talk about other players. Like when the Lions coaching staff says, “Theo Riddick is going to play the Darren Sproles role.”

I look at it like this: while Riddick may be given the opportunity in Detroit to do what Darren Sproles did in New Orleans, is Riddick really as good as Sproles yet? Does Riddick know the nuances of the offense? Does the Lions' coaching staff trust Riddick like the Saints trusted Sproles?

So when I read recently that the Dolphins want to use RB Lamar Miller in LeSean McCoy’s role this year I laughed yet again. LeSean “Shady” McCoy led the NFL in rushing last year, as well as yards per carry. Is Lamar Miller ready to do the same?

Miller has been a huge disappointment in Miami thus far. He ran for 709 yards last year and had two rushing TDs. He has yet to be the “bellcow” RB that the Dolphins were seeking when they drafted him out of Miami. At best, he has shown flashes of ability. In fact, he had only one game where he had over 100 yards rushing. He lacks McCoy’s lateral quickness and his vision down the field. Miller is nothing more than a RB3 for a Fantasy team while McCoy might be a top three draft pick.

Fantasy owners need to be careful when they hear news about what teams “intend” to do in the coming year. I know that the Dolphins brought over new OC Bill Lazor from the Eagles. I know that they want to run an Eagles-styles offense this season. However, just because you want something doesn’t always mean you can have it.

I know Shady McCoy. Lamar Miller is no Shady McCoy.

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