Four Undrafted Rookies to Keep an Eye On

A number of fresh-faced youngsters got to make a first impression in Chicago on Friday night. A handful of them weren't even selected in May's draft. Here's the four that impressed the most.

Kadron Boone (WR, Louisiana State)

Boone did his damnedest to try and expedite the would-be winning touchdown drive late, catching two balls for 33 yards (the longest for 25), both for first downs. In an exhibition of third/fourth teamers, Boone's quickness and awareness stood out, without former college-mates Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry to outshine him. The second and fourth preseason games will provide further tests for the young wideout, with opportunity to get work with higher-ranked QBs than G.J. Kinne.

David Fluellen (RB, Toledo)

Fluellen's healthy 4.2 YPA average on six runs aided Matt Barkley in the third quarter, and one drive was capped off by his 14-yard touchdown reception (largely spurred by great downfield blocks from Matt Tobin and Dennis Kelly). Fluellen demonstrated great presence running between tackles, and has the bruiser's body (224 lbs on a 5'11 frame) to pound the rock, Chris Polk-style (Polk himself a fellow undrafted player). It remains a question of whether or not Fluellen can leap over Matthew Tucker, who ran for two scores, but carelessly lost a fumble without being touched.

Frank Mays (DE, Florida A&M)

The gargantuan Mays (6'9, 291 lbs) ended Friday with three total tackles, and was the catalyst for a handful of other defensive stops. Granted, Mays was providing a big body for inferior competition to try and hem in, but Chip Kelly covets size on his defensive line, with the quickness to bolster. Mays is considered a long shot, due to a lower amount of high-level football experience, but as a raw talent with brute strength and unteachable height, he has a good chance of at least making the practice squad, to further his development.

Quron Pratt (WR, Rutgers)

Pratt ended Friday night as the Eagles' second-most prolific receiver, with 39 yards on three catches, working in concert with Boone to aid Kinne's attempt at a win. The fleet-footed Pratt (5'11, 195) comes off of a strong training camp, making his case with diving and back-shoulder catches, working extensively with both Nick Foles and Mark Sanchez. As the personnel grouping shifts in the next few preseason games, it remains to be seen if Pratt or Boone can slide up to second-team work, and solidify their cases.

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