Vinny Curry to Remain Situational Player?

Defensive coordinator Bill Davis spoke before the media Monday, and shed light on how pass-rusher Vinny Curry is being implemented.

Davis admitted that Vinny Curry, an ideal 4-3 edge rusher due to his lightning-fast disruption speed, isn't always suited for the team's current 3-4 scheme, but the coaching staff is committed to finding ways to make use of his aggressive style.

The following quote from Davis comes from Zach Berman's account of Monday's presser:

"When we’re out of our 3-4 mentality and we’re in our pass-rush third down, Vinny’s always in the backfield. That’s what he does well. The two-gap part of it, he’s a little undersized to two-gap. But he’s getting better and better and better at two-gapping. But you’re talking about Vinny…and you’re asking him to take on 500 pounds of men in a double team, that’s not his world. When you ask Vinny to get in the gap and penetrate, that’s his world. We’re just trying to grow and put Vinny in the past positions for him.”

Indeed, most of Curry's damage comes on 4-3 alignments, notably on third and long and other obvious passing situations. It remains to be seen if Curry can find effectiveness in the 3-4 base, and presumably earn more playing time.

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