Mark Sanchez's Baseless Trade Talk

Chip Kelly was asked Sunday about the possibility of trading a suddenly-red hot 'Sanchize'.

Trade Mark Sanchez? A reporter asked Chip Kelly during Sunday's media session if it's on the coach's mind, as teams will seek out quarterbacks this summer, when their own signal-callers falter.

Kelly offered the following quotes:

"We haven't had anybody call and ask us anything, so that's not something we're talking about. We're spending time with things that could happen, should happen, I don't know. But we're really happy about him."

"I'm also a big guy that you better have two quarterbacks in this league. So unless something blows you out of the water, we're really confident with Mark coming and starting the game for the Eagles."

"We need him. In terms of how he's playing right now, how he can function in what we're doing, and I've always said you need to have two quarterbacks."

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