Sanchez to the Rams? No Way

Sam Bradford's ACL tear has 'experts' wondering what the Rams will do. Don't look to Philadelphia for the answers.

Sam Bradford's hitting Steve Emtman territory, as a number one overall pick that seems to get hurt year after year.

The Rams quarterback tore his ACL Saturday night in an exhibition with the Cleveland Browns, ending his 2014 season before it began. Naturally, as is the case whenever any starting QB is lost before the season, eyes turn to the back-ups in other cities, looking for theoretical trades.

With Mark Sanchez experiencing a startling resurrection as a capable signal-caller in the Eagles offense, it's believed that the name of "The Sanchize" could end up in trade talks.

I wouldn't bet on it.


This question was already raised a week ago, after Sanchez put on good showings across two preseason games. A reporter asked Chip Kelly if he would be open to trading Sanchez, leading to the following quote:

"....I’m also a big guy that you better have two quarterbacks in this league. I think unless something blows you out of the water, we’re real confident with Mark.”

Needing two quarterbacks was a major point of emphasis, especially with Kelly keeping both Nick Foles and Michael Vick on the roster last season. Kelly's shown that he's all about building depth (see: the back-up offensive line).


Darren Sproles and Brandon Boykin are among other non-starters likely to sit out Thursday night's game against the Jets. While the purpose of the game for the Eagles is to have Matt Barkley and G.J. Kinne settle their third-string score, Sanchez not playing is also telling.

If Kelly didn't see Sanchez as valuable, he'd possibly suit up for some reps in a 'meaningless' game. Going back to point A, Kelly knows that having two quarterbacks is to preserve the back-up, and spare him from unnecessary action. It seems quite unlikely that Sanchez is dealt with Kelly bubble-wrapping him for the week.


Hours after Bradford was deemed finished for 2014, Rams coach Jeff Fisher took the podium to provide clarity and optimism in the fall-out. After declaring career back-up Shaun Hill to be their man, Fisher also made it clear that there will be no kneejerk reaction to the bad news, saying:

"It makes no sense to jump and react right now and try to fill the hole at whatever cost. We're going to take our time and evaluate this. There's going to be some quarterbacks that are released and there may or may not be some quarterbacks that have trade value."


Some older quarterbacks have renaissances. Shaun Hill barely even had a prime.

The 34-year-old has started 26 games in nine years with the Vikings, 49ers, and Lions. His most prolific action came in 2010, starting 10 games in Detroit with Matthew Stafford out for the season. In that year, Hill threw 16 touchdowns and 2686 yards against 12 picks, for a respectable 81.3 rating.

For his career as a pressed-in understudy, Hill's thrown 41 TDs to 23 picks, for a rating of 85.9. Chances are, other than a trade for a suddenly-mighty Sanchez, you're not finding a back-up comparable to Hill's largely untapped potential.

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