Still No 15th Cut

28 hours away from the cuts deadline, and the Eagles are still a man away from hitting 75.

Joe Kruger, Jake Knott, Carey Spear, and eleven other men were cleaning out their lockers Saturday morning, turning in their playbooks before embarking on an uncertain tomorrow.

The Eagles had gotten a leg up on the roster-trimming process, cutting fourteen players less than 36 hours after demolishing the Pittsburgh Steelers. Although the Eagles weren't obligated to release anyone that early, it was quite the head start for a team that likely pretty much knows how its final roster should look.

Interestingly enough, a full two days have passed since Chip Kelly and company wished those fourteen players good luck, and they're still one player away from reaching the roster requirement.

What's the hold-up? I ask not frustratingly, but curiously. The Eagles roster sits at 76, with a group of players waiting to see if the ax falls onto them.

I would have guessed Julian Vandervelde would be that fifteenth man, placed on injured reserve following back surgery. No designation has been made on him just yet, and he remains a non-practicing member of the roster. Even if Vandervelde were healthy, free agent signee David Molk has played so extraordinarily well with the second team that the 2011 draft choice may have been expendable either way.

If not Vandervelde, then who? Maybe one more day of practice will provide Kelly and the coaches with enough clarity to decide. The likes of Kevin Graf, Josh Andrews, Wade Keliikipi, and Will Murphy likely don't have much of a chance, even if they did survive until Saturday's chopping block.

We'll know soon enough. If it's not an injury-designation for someone, a good chunk of the fanbase will cry, "Well, why wasn't he cut Saturday!?" Only Kelly and his guys will know for sure, but it'll be amusing talking point in such a case.

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