Cody Parkey Changes Jersey Number to 1

Is the challenger to Alex Henery building a psychological edge?

When rookie kicker Cody Parkey was brought in to challenge Alex Henery, Parkey donned a #7 jersey, leading to snickers that it may not draw as many sales as previous 7-wearer Michael Vick had.

Today, Eagles Insider tweeted that Parkey changed his number to 1, without any further explanation.

Oddly enough, that mirrors Vick's move in New York, though in that instance, Vick can't take 7 from incumbent starter Geno Smith.

After Henery badly pushed a 36-yard field goal on Thursday night, Eagles fans are all but raring to see what Parkey can do when compared to David Akers' spotty replacement.

If giving himself the #1 jersey is a psychological edge for him, more power to him in determining the best man. Then again, #1 failed to do much for Happy Feller and Mat McBriar when they donned Eagles green.

Unless either Eagle is the 15th cut today, look for Parkey to attempt some extra points and kickoffs Thursday night against the Jets, in concert with Henery. Parkey already demonstrated a booming leg on kickoffs against the Steelers, and the competition is truly in the most heated stage.

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