2010-11 Draft Classes: A Look Back in Horror

Julian Vandervelde being waived Tuesday is just another notch against a lacking pair of drafts for the Eagles.

The Philadelphia Eagles drafted 24 players between the 2010-11 classes. Bill Belichick would salivate at the idea of having so many selections at hand. Chances are, New England's muttering maestro of a coach wouldn't have squandered as many as Andy Reid and the Eagles did.

As of Julian Vandervelde's injury-related exodus on Tuesday afternoon, he marks the seventeenth player from that two dozen to no longer be on the Eagles roster. This Saturday holds promise of a couple more, at least, joining him.

Thankfully, some brilliant draft classes since 2012 have restocked the team, but goodness, those prior two years had pointed the Eagles into a sharp nose-dive.

Let's take a look at all 24 players, their current fate, and (for the sake of mental anguish) who the Eagles could have drafted instead. For those players, I'll look within the ten picks that followed each Eagle selection, and see who the best of the bunch was. You know, just to twist the knife a bit more.

It'll be hard to top Troy Polamalu going one choice after Jerome McDougle in 2003, but we'll peruse what's there.


Brandon Graham (DE/LB, Round 1, Pick 13, 2010)

Currently: With the Eagles

Career Path: 2010-present Eagles

Could've Had: Earl Thomas (taken 14th)

Summary: 12 players taken in the top 20 have been Pro Bowlers, and Graham isn't one of them. Still, his invigoration as a pass rusher in the 3-4 is a good sign going forward, though he could certainly bolt for another team if he fails once more to get starter's reps.


Nate Allen (S, Round 2, Pick 37, 2010)

Currently: With the Eagles

Career Path: 2010-present Eagles

Could've Had: Rob Gronkowski (taken 42nd)

Summary: A tale of two Nates; in 2011-12, Allen was lost in the disarray of Juan castillo's disastrous D. He was written off by the lot of us, but 2013 has sparked a coherent resurgence in a once-confused player. Hardly anyone complained when Allen was re-signed this past March.


Daniel Te'o-Nesheim (DE/LB, Round 3, Pick 86, 2010)

Currently: Free agent

Career Path: 2010 Eagles, 2011-13 Buccaneers

Could've Had: Jimmy Graham (taken 95th)

Summary: Te'o-Nesheim played in all of six games for the Eagles, recording one lone sack. His best year with the Bucs was notching four sacks in 2012. If the Eagles wanted a linebacker here, NaVorro Bowman was available at 91 too.


Trevard Lindley (CB, Round 4, Pick 105, 2010)

Currently: With the Montreal Alouettes. Oui oui!

Career Path: 2010, 2012-13 Eagles

Could've Had: Yeah, I'll say it: Aaron Hernandez (taken 113th)

Summary: Though Lindley wasn't the legal nightmare that Hernandez became, he only saw action in that 2010 season. His peak was sealing a victory over the 49ers by picking off Alex Smith. That doubled as the lone INT of his career.


Keenan Clayton (LB, Round 4, Pick 121, 2010)

Currently: Free agent, just released days ago by the Cardinals

Career Path: 2010-11 Eagles, 2012-13 Raiders, 2014 Cardinals (offseason only)

Could've Had: O'Brien Schofield (taken 130th)

Summary: 21 games and one start for the Eagles netted one sack (in the playoff loss to the Packers), 28 tackles, and three passes defensed. Not as maligned as other relatively-high picks, but didn't do enough to incur fan wrath, either.


Mike Kafka (QB, Round 4, Pick 122, 2010)

Currently: With the Buccaneers

Career Path: 2010-11 Eagles, 2013 with Patriots and Jaguars (both non-final roster), 2014 Buccaneers

Could've Had: Michael Hoomanawanui (taken 132nd)

Summary: Has no touchdown passes, but did throw two in-relief picks to the Giants in September 2011, as part of the early four-game slide. Kafka is largely unmemorable, except for his perpetually angry eyebrows that almost seem drawn on.


Clay Harbor (TE, Round 4, Pick 125, 2010)

Currently: With the Jaguars

Career Path: 2010-12 Eagles, 2013-present Jaguars

Could've Had: Kam Chancellor (taken 133rd)

Summary: Not a bad pick, all in all. Harbor found minimal use in Andy Reid's offense (421 yards and four scores in three seasons), but looks to be a part of Gus Bradley's revival of a suffering Jaguars team. Here's thinking we'll see plenty of Harbor opening day, barring his current calf injury.


Ricky Sapp (LB, Round 5, Pick 134, 2010)

Currently: With the Texans

Career Path: 2010 Eagles, 2011-13 Jets, 2013-present Texans

Could've Had: Kendrick Lewis (taken 136th)

Summary: Sapp never played a single down for the Eagles, getting IR'ed in his first and only season following knee surgery. In four seasons, Sapp's compiled just as many total tackles with other franchises.


Riley Cooper (WR, Round 5, Pick 159, 2010)

Currently: With the Eagles

Career Path: 2010-present Eagles

Could've Had: Nobody in the next ten is really distinguished (maybe Stevenson Sylvester at 166?)

Summary: A slow start for the lanky receiver led to a breakout 2013, as he became one of Nick Foles' favorite targets. Eight of Cooper's 13 touchdowns came last season, and the Florida alum remains a sure-fire starter in Chip Kelly's up-tempo offense.


Charles Scott (FB, Round 6, Pick 200, 2010)

Currently: Out of football

Career Path: Failed to make the Eagles in 2010, 2010-11 Giants

Could've Had: Ted Larsen (taken 205th)

Summary: Scott was merely shipped to the Cardinals at the end of preseason for corner Jorrick Calvin (taken one pick after Scott). Arizona then dumped Scott into the practice squad, where the Giants then acquired him. Scott never played an NFL down.


Jamar Chaney (LB, Round 7, Pick 220, 2010)

Currently: Free agent, just released days ago by the Broncos

Career Path: 2010-12 Eagles, 2013 Falcons, 2014 Broncos (offseason only)

Could've Had: George Selvie (taken 226th)

Summary: Chaney ended up being pretty damn good for a seventh rounder, peaking with 91 tackles, three picks, and a sack in 2011. Chaney became victimized by the numbers game of 2012, as Mychal Kendricks and DeMeco Ryans displaced his serviceable talents, and the Kelly era drummed the overachiever out of town.


Jeff Owens (DT, Round 7, Pick 243, 2010)

Currently: Out of football

Career Path: 2010 Eagles

Could've Had: Robert McClain (taken 249th)

Summary: Owens played in just one game, rupturing his left patellar tendon against the Vikings. The injury took place on the infamous "Tuesday game", a mere six days after being called up from the practice squad. That was also it for his NFL career.


Kurt Coleman (S, Round 7, Pick 244, 2010)

Currently: With the Vikings

Career Path: 2010-13 Eagles, 2014 Vikings

Could've Had: Stevie Brown (taken 251st)

Summary: A true mixed bag, Coleman brought a strong work ethic and decent playmaking capabilities (seven picks over four seasons), but his poor tackling and awareness made him a deep ball liability. More of a special teamer, Coleman found himself pressed into game duty, often with uneven results.


Danny Watkins (G, Round 1, Pick 23, 2011)

Currently: Fighting fires in Texas

Career Path: 2011-12 Eagles, 2013 Dolphins

Could've Had: Cameron Jordan (taken 24th)

Summary: The biggest first-round bust of the Reid years (yes, over Freddie Mitchell), Watkins couldn't join Jason Kelce and Evan Mathis in succeeding under the Howard Mudd Learning Tree. At a point when the offensive line was depleted by injuries in 2012, a purportedly-heartless Watkins was kept on the bench while Dallas Reynolds and Demetress Bell struggled to hold their own. Ouch.


Jaiquawn Jarrett (S, Round 2, Pick 54, 2011)

Currently: With the Jets

Career Path: 2011-12 Eagles, 2013-present Jets

Could've Had: Torrey Smith (taken 58th)

Summary: Jarrett recorded 17 total tackles in 13 games with the Eagles before getting axed early in the 2012 season. Jarrett received criticism for apparently being a slow learner, but in his defense, the only defensive coordinator he ever knew in Philly was Juan Castillo.


Curtis Marsh (CB, Round 3, Pick 90, 2011)

Currently: In what are likely his final days as an Eagle

Career Path: 2011-13 Eagles, 2013 Bengals, 2014 Eagles

Could've Had: Akeem Dent (taken 91st)

Summary: Marsh was never more than a bench-filler behind competent corners, as well as Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Nobody really knew who he was until the Patriots picked him apart like roadkill this preseason. Marsh had little chance of making this year's roster behind such vast CB depth, but that performance will almost certainly seal his fate.


Casey Matthews (LB, Round 4, Pick 116, 2011)

Currently: On the bubble with the Eagles

Career Path: 2011-present Eagles

Could've Had: Tandon Doss (taken 123rd)

Summary: Tied with cousin Kevin for least impressive member of the Matthews bloodline, Clay's little brother has managed one sack across five starts in three seasons. Matthews has been used far more on special teams, and he fights with Emmanuel Acho and Travis Long for the final ILB spot this week.


Alex Henery (K, Round 4, Pick 120, 2011)

Currently: Praying he gets a chance to make a 65-yard kick on Thursday night

Career Path: 2011-present Eagles

Could've Had: Julius Thomas (taken 129th)

Summary: His career epitaph will say 'replaced David Akers in Philadelphia', which will only heighten the anguish. Henery's spotiness (81.4% on kicks of 30+ yards) led to signings of both Carey Spear and Cody Parkey this spring and summer. After Henery pushed a 31-yarder wide right last week, the movement to ship him back to Nebraska has only intensified.


Dion Lewis (RB, Round 5, Pick 149, 2011)

Currently: With the Browns

Career Path: 2011-12 Eagles, 2013-present Browns

Could've Had: Richard Sherman (taken 154th)

Summary: Lewis was a decent change-of-pace back, running for 4.8 YPA on 36 carries across two seasons. Of course, Reid has never been strong at substituting for capable back-ups in a varied attack, so Lewis never really saw optimum use. Sadly, Lewis' most well-known moment with the Eagles came when he was arrested for pulling a fire alarm at an Albany hotel.


Julian Vandervelde (G/C, Round 5, Pick 161, 2011)

Currently: Just waived by the Eagles after an injury settlement

Career Path: 2011-13 Eagles (with some time in between spent on the Buccaneers' practice squad)

Could've Had: Pernell McPhee (taken 165th)

Summary: Vandervelde's primary function with the Eagles was to occupy a 45-man roster spot last season, for if the next man on this list was ever to be injured. The ascension of David Molk this summer would have probably made Vandervelde expendable anyway, back injury or not.


Jason Kelce (C, Round 6, Pick 191, 2011)

Currently: An Eagle through 2020, thanks to a six-year extension bestowed onto him this past February

Career Path: 2011-present Eagles

Could've Had: Nobody of his caliber

Summary: The anchor of the line that's helped LeSean McCoy reach his maximum potential, Kelce is by and far the best player of the Eagles' 2011 class (and quite possibly 2010). Losing Kelce in 2012 was a critical blow, as his line adjustments and run blocking are among the best in all of the NFL. Jason Peters and Evan Mathis get the All-Pro recognition, but Kelce isn't far behind.


Brian Rolle (LB, Round 6, Pick 193, 2011)

Currently: Out of football

Career Path: 2011-12 Eagles, 2013 Steelers (offseason)

Could've Had: Jacquian Williams (taken 202nd)

Summary: Rolle showed promise as a run-stopping linebacker in 2011 (54 tackles, sack, fumble-touchdown), but found himself axed early in 2012 for poor play on special teams. From there, Rolle gradually fell off the face of the earth, falling well short of the careers of cousins Antrel and Samari.


Greg Lloyd (LB, Round 7, Pick 237, 2011)

Currently: Out of football

Career Path: 2011 Eagles, 2012 Bills

Could've Had: Malcolm Smith (taken 242nd)

Summary: Lloyd, the son of the fiery Steeler from the 1990s, never saw the field with the Birds, and was part of the last round of cuts in 2011. After spending most of the season on the practice squad, and the final month of the season as a gameday inactive, Lloyd was active for two games for the Bills in 2012.


Stanley Havili (FB, Round 7, Pick 240, 2011)

Currently: With the Colts

Career Path: 2011-12 Eagles, 2013-present Colts

Could've Had: Malcolm Smith (taken 242nd)

Summary: Havili was used sparingly in his brief tenure in Philly, rushing for one touchdown in 2012, and getting 13 total touches. When Kelly made the fullback position obsolete, Havili was traded to Indy, where he had 128 receiving yards and a touchdown a year ago.

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