The March to 53: First Wave of Cuts

Just like a year ago, the Eagles began the roster trimming in earnest a day early. Here's who's gone, as of Friday afternoon.

OL Josh Andrews

Andrews was the lowest man on the offensive line totem pole, a hair below fellow third-stringer Kevin Graf. When Graf got inserted last night for the injured Matt Tobin, that pretty much spelled the end of Andrews. (Credit: Brett Tessler)

QB G.J. Kinne

No surprise, given the heavy competition ahead of him. Though he's squad-eligible, don't be surprised if he ends up as a third stringer (or second, depending on the team) elsewhere. (Credit: Rube Frank)

RB Henry Josey

The first cut resembling an upset on the day, Josey's lack of special teams prowess (a no-no for bench players) was apparently his undoing. Chris Polk has been given passage onto the roster, despite playing not a single down this preseason. (Credit: Adam Caplan)

WR Ifeanyi Momah

Still a raw talent with the body and agility to make it in the NFL, Momah hasn't fully honed his physicality into a dominant package, and couldn't leap past other bubble receivers on the Eagles' depth chart. (Credit: Zach Berman)

WR Arrelious Benn (Short-Term Injured Reserve)

Was confused when Glen Macnow reported this on WIP this afternoon. Wasn't even aware that Benn was hurt, let alone how badly, in last night's game. It appears as though the sixth receiver spot, if there is one, is down to Jeff Maehl and Damaris Johnson (who is reportedly on the trading block). (Credit: Ravens Insider)

WR Quron Pratt

Showed a lack of polish and experience last night on Matt Barkley's INT, as Pratt apparently stopped his route short. The physical tools are there, and Pratt could be coveted by another team that could use a shifty slot receiver. (Credit: Zach Berman)

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