Barkley on the Move?

After some promising outings in the preseason, Matt Barkley could be dealt in the near future.

Jimmy Kempski has reported that Matt Barkley is a possibility to be traded by the Eagles.

The third-string quarterback comes off a respectable outing against the Jets, its peak a 43-yard touchdown bomb to Arrelious Benn in the first quarter.

With teams like the Rams and Raiders, among others, experiencing an uncertainty at the quarterback position, Barkley's value and youth give the Eagles a good bargaining chip.

Les Bowen reported earlier that the Eagles could be on the look for help at inside linebacker with Travis Long out for the season. If Barkley's traded, it seems the Eagles would value a quality back-up at the position, or, as is usually the case with Chip Kelly, a draft pick or two.

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