Statistical Six-Pack: Eagles-Jaguars

It took a Balboa-like comeback, but the Eagles ended up slaying the Jaguars in convincing fashion. Here's some of the statistical stories from the Birds' victory.

Here are six noteworthy facts from today's 34-17 Eagles victory over the Jaguars.

All three of Zach Ertz's receptions (including the touchdown) went for 25+ yards.

Ertz averaged a healthy 13.0 yards per catch last season, and took a giant step forward in making his sophomore year even more impressive.

With three catches of 26, 26, and 25 yards (the shorter one his corkscrew touchdown), Ertz was a vital part of the third-quarter turnaround for the Eagles. The second-year tight end has proved solid at catching in tight windows over small defenders, but establishing presence downfield only augments the danger this offense can bring.

I did note that four tight ends last year reached 70 receiving yards against Jacksonville a year ago. Ertz is all too happy to add to this recent trend.

With sack yardage considered, Nick Foles averaged a mere 5.5 net yards per pass attempt.

Foles was being harassed even before Evan Mathis and Allen Barbre were lost to injury. Chris Clemons gave Jason Peters fits early on, and Foles fumbled three times, losing two of them.

In all, Foles was sacked five times for a loss of 47 yards. Foles' 322 yards passing on 45 attempts went for a 7.16 attempt clip, but the sacks take over a yard and a half off of that average.

Second-half adjustments, and a time of possession shift, took their toll on the Jaguars pass rush, and Foles clearly found comfort in steering the comeback. The time it took to find that groove nearly proved porous, however.

Aside from Darren Sproles' long touchdown run, the Eagles barely averaged three yards a carry

Officially, Sproles and LeSean McCoy combined for 145 yards on 32 carries, and a superb 4.53 YPA average. That's quite the misleading number.

Subtract Sproles' momentum-changing 49-yard touchdown run, and the picture gets uglier, to the tune of 3.10 yards a run. Sproles for the day ran for 71 yards on 11 carries (6.45 YPA). That drops to 22 yards on 10 carries minus that half-field dash (2.20 YPA).

McCoy wasn't his usual ankle-breaking self, losing yards on more than the usual amount of carries. The day for 'Shady' peaked with a 19-yard run, but overall, 74 yards on 21 carries (3.52 YPA).

The Jaguars did not score a single point in the final 44 minutes.

The defense will catch plenty of hell for letting undrafted rookie Allen Hurns embarrass them with two early touchdowns. It was a slow start to be sure, and Foles' early discomfort behind a troubled line left the whole team discombobulated.

One that damage was done, and Josh Scobee tacked on a long, winding field goal, the team would, in the words of Godly narrator John Facenda, ' more....this afternoon."

Scobee's boot came with 14:14 remaining in the second quarter, which preceded a missed 50-yard attempt by him, and then a blocked 36-yarder late in the half.

In large part due to a piss-poor third-down percentage (2 of 14), the Jags only reached Philly territory twice in the second half: to the Eagles' 46 just before the Jeremy Maclin touchdown bomb, and to the 41 as game-time expired, with the defense rightfully apathetic.

The Jaguars ran 17 plays in the third quarter, 13 of which were passes. Nine of them were incomplete.

Toby Gerhart was slightly hindered by a wrenched knee, following a badly-called horse collar on Fletcher Cox. Still, the Jaguars had the third quarter lead, and went out throwing at the defense, which had begun shutting Chad Henne down a quarter earlier.

The four completions netted a mere 26 yards, peaking with a 13-yarder to Marqise Lee. On two of the four stalled drives, Henne threw three straight incompletions en route to consecutive three-and-outs. In other words, no mixing it up with a run in those instances.

Chad Henne merely completed one-third of his passes (7 of 21, 49 yards) between the beginning of the second half and the time Fletcher Cox returned a fumble for a touchdown.

Whatever halftime adjustments Bill Davis and his defensive subordinates made at halftime had quite a bit to do with the Eagles' victory. Once the D started applying edge-blitzes and forcing fluttering passes into tight coverage, the Jaguars couldn't mount a counter-punch.

You can say that Gerhart not running as much in the second half took a dimension out of the offense, but the Jaguars only averaged 2.56 yards a carry anyway. The Eagles are especially tough against the run, and their early success forced the Jaguars into a more predictable, much-more-easily rattle-able play-call.

Another way of looking at it: take away Hurns' day (four catches, 110 yards, two scores), and Henne's stat line looks like this: 20 for 39, 156 yards, no touchdowns. That drops Henne to a 61.48 passer rating for the day.

As for that 7-for-21 run in the third/fourth quarter listed in the above boldface, Henne's passer rating over that stretch: 42.36

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