Boykin's Snaps Unlikely to Increase

Pick-happy Boykin only played about a third of the defensive snaps on Sunday against the Jaguars. Chip Kelly explains why the "Boy-King" saw minimal use.

Reuben Frank posted this piece for CSN Philly Tuesday morning, giving the Eagles coaches's perspective on Brandon Boykin, who played a mere 23 of 73 defensive snaps Sunday vs. Jacksonville.

Boykin managed five tackles, third most on the team, in spite of sitting out two-thirds of potential plays. In spite of his talents, Chip Kelly and defensive coordinator Bill Davis insist upon his 'slot corner' designation.

Kelly explained how the Jaguar formations nullified much need for a slot corner, stating:

“I think a lot of it had to do with they only had four healthy receivers for the game and started two rookies out there and were trying to take pressure off of them, so they were in a lot more big personnel than I think they had shown even last year."

Kelly also stated that Nolan Carroll is the back-up outside corner, and there's no chance that Boykin takes those snaps away from Cary Williams or Bradley Fletcher.

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