Eagles vs. Colts: 5 Bold Predictions

After scraping by against the Jaguars last Sunday, the Eagles are set to take on the Indianapolis Colts on prime-time television. Can the Eagles keep up with the AFC contenders? Or will Andrew Luck and his high-octane offense prove to be too much?

After a shaky week-one showdown, the Eagles are atop the NFC East. They got a little more than they bargained for, but Nick Foles & co. eventually got their act together in the second half, scoring 34 unanswered points.

The Indianapolis Colts certainly aren't the Jacksonville Jaguars though. In fact, the Colts are expected by most to march into the Playoffs and compete for an AFC title. The Eagles would be hard-pressed to mount a 17-point comeback against a team like that. If the Eagles come prepared however, it could be one of the most explosive games of the year.

With that said, here's some bold predictions for Monday nights game.

1. Darren Sproles Out-Plays LeSean McCoy... Again. By all accounts, even his own, LeSean McCoy was elated for Darren Sproles to join the Eagles. In his mind, the under-sized yet dominant RB would be used primarily when McCoy was winded. While that still seems to be the case, No.43 got a lot more playing time than most expected. He didn't finish with as many total yards as McCoy, but Sproles was key in changing the momentum in the Eagles favor. The Colts have undoubtedly spent the week preparing for the leagues most dynamic back, LeSean McCoy, that's why Sproles will once again navigate his way to another TD and at least 100 total yards.

2. 40 total points scored... In the first half If the Eagles are known for one thing so far under Chip Kelly, it's being a fast-paced offense. That fast-pace has resulted in one helluva culture change in Philadelphia, as the team finished only behind the Broncos last year in total yards. The Colts on the other hand, are known as the home to the future "Best QB in the NFL". After starting the season 0-1, Luck will do everything in his power to put points on the board. Expect T.Y. Hilton to be a big contributor, as the little guy is due for a big game. Between the two dynamic offenses, putting up 40 points in the first half shouldn't come as a huge shock.

3. Eagles Offensive Line Only Gives Up 1 Sack Giving up zero sacks wouldn't be a surprise for some teams, but if the Eagles can escape Lucas Oil Stadium without letting Foles' jersey get too scuffed up, most will consider that in itself a victory. After losing arguably their best starting offensive lineman last week, as well as their best backup, the Eagles are in a peculiar situation. They brought in ex-Texan Wade Smith to help plug the holes, but will it be enough? Yes, it will. Between the veteran guys already on the field, plus the new additions, I expect the Eagles to hold their own on Monday night, only letting Foles take one sack.

4. Nick Foles Throws For Over 350 yards, 4 TDs. After such a sketchy start to the season, lots of people are questioning if Foles can recover, and for good reason. Entering his third year, the QB hasn't even started 16 total games. He played most of the year in 2013, and was electric. But with endless tape on the 6-foot-6 passer, will he be able to play at a higher level? I say yes. Last year, Foles had his worse game to date when he took on the Dallas Cowboys. He went 11 for 29, took three sacks, coughed up a fumble and even left the game injured. Many wondered what would happen with the Eagles from this point. Wait for Michael Vick to get his health back? Or give the keys to Matt Barkley? How about none of the above. Foles would go on to start two weeks later against the Raiders, where he tied the NFL record for touchdown passes in a game (7). The Colts are on a whole different level than the Raiders, but putting up near-400 yards and 4 TD's is certainly in the books for Foles and the Eagles.

5. Zach Ertz Finishes Night As Games Leading Receiver Just so you know, Zach Ertz is NOT the No.1 tight end in Philadelphia, despite what all the hype might have you thinking. No, the top spot is still Brent Celek's for now. His blocking is second-to-none, and he can take a hit with the best of them. Ertz on the other hand, is one of the more athletic and agile tight ends in the league. For the Colts, their usual cover LB Jerrell Freeman will be out for the matchup, so Ertz could potentially have a field day with the team. Standing at 6-foot-5, the former Stanford star has already become a favorite target of Foles. Considering the limited playing time the young TE has seen thus far, having a career day might just happen.

Well, what do you think? Is a win in the cards for the Eagles? Or will Andrew Luck and the Colts prove to be too much too early? Follow me on twitter and give me your opinion! @PJbleedsgreen

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