Heroes From Eagles 30-27 Win Over Colts

After trailing 17-6 heading into half time, there seemed to be little hope for the Eagles. But as we would soon learn, this game soon became a tale of two halves. (sound familiar?) While Eagles fans are still living off this high, lets take a look at the three biggest heroes from the Monday night showdown.

1. Darren Sproles, RB

Not to give a shameless plug to Phi.Scout or anything, but had you read my "Bold Predictions" article before the game, you'd know I predicted another big game from Darren Sproles. He scored the teams second touchdown on the ground of the evening, which tied the game at 20. Later in the game he would come up big with a 50 yard reception to set up the teams final touchdown to Jeremy Maclin. His 152 receiving yards not only earn him player of the game, but probably player of the week by some accounts. LeSean McCoy will obviously remain the No.1 back, as he should, but Sproles' domination on defenses won't be ending anytime soon.

2. Cody Parkey, K

Cody Parkey's name was echoed through bars all over Philadelphia Monday night. He was certainly responsible for the Eagles flying home victorious, as he made 3-of-4 field goals, including his clutch game winner (which he had to kick twice, due to Chuck Pagano's last second timeout.) Being a rookie in the NFL, it's a great thing when you make a game-winning field goal as time expires. Especially when that kick is against the team that cut you from training camp last month. Take that Mr.Vinatieri!

3. Fletcher Cox, DT

Mychal Kendricks injury was undoubtedly a devastating one for the Eagles. Thankfully, fellow 2012 draftee Fletcher Cox was there to pick up some of the slack. The massive defensive tackle would not only force a game-changing fumble, he was just as responsible for Malcom Jenkins' late-game interception as Jenkins himself. He kept Andrew Luck moving the entire second half, and is on his way to far and away his best year yet. At this rate, Cox could earn himself a spot in the D.P.O.T.Y discussion..

Well, enjoy this win Eagles fans. No one picked them to win, but they managed to find a way to do it. But how long can this team keep playing catch up?

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