3 Keys To Defeating The RG3-Less Redskins

The Redskins enter Philadelphia to mark the first divisional game for both the Redskins and Eagles. There's plenty of story-lines heading into Sunday, but none bigger than DeSean Jackson's return to the 'City Of Brotherly Love'. Djax is planning on a big game, but he's not Philly's only problem. What do the Eagles need to do to start the season off 3-0 and take a commanding lead of the NFC East?

1. Feed The Ball To LeSean McCoy, All Day

With all this other-worldly production out of Darren Sproles, Shady McCoy all the sudden finds himself the least talked about guy in the room. That's perfect for Chip Kelly & co. as McCoy is due for a major breakout 2014 game. The 2013 rushing leader, who has only totaled 153 yards through two games, totaled over 200 yards last year against their division rivals. The Redskins have been hearing Sproles' name all week, so putting both RB's on the field, and opting to go with McCoy, could be an impossible thing to stop. Expect McCoy to tally 100+ rushing yards this week for the first time in 2014.

2. Use The TE's In the Red-Zone

With both stud TE's Brent Celek and Zach Ertz on the same team, there's no excuse for the Eagles to not put up six points every time they're in the red-zone. Jeremy Maclin is always effective near the goal-line, as well as Riley Cooper and both RB's. That being said there should be a lot of attention focused on those groups of guys, leaving 1-on-1 coverage at best on the TE's. Time to fix that red-zone problem, Chip.

3. Defense Needs To Get Off The Field On Third Down

Thankfully, and surprisingly for that matter, this hasn't been a problem for the Eagles this year as they lead the league in third-down percentage (Offenses convert only 18.8% of the time). Unfortunately there's little tape on Kirk Cousins, and most that tape was in a completely different system. Billy Davis could really make his mark as a defensive coordinator if he can put together a plan to shut down Cousins, who is slated to be this years "Nick Foles". In the long run, as long as they can keep Cousins moving out of the pocket, there's no reason the Eagles can't start this game off with a healthy lead. Naturally If Cousins struggles, DeSean Jackson struggles. Everybody wins. Except the Redskins.

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