Eagles Start Em/Sit Em, Week 3

The game-within-the-game, fantasy football provides another look to Sunday's Eagles-Redskins game. Here's a pair of hints.

START: Darren Sproles

Until somebody solves him. Nick Foles found the ultimate application for the NFL's speediest micro-back, and that's the dump-off at the edge of the line. The Redskins are coming off of a week where they boxed in Toby Gerhart and a dirt-poor Jaguars running game. Conversely, the Eagles' offensive line (particularly Jason Kelce and Dennis Kelly) has the superior speed to get out in front and make the blocks that keep Sproles moving and vertical. The Colts couldn't solve it. I don't know that the Redskins can either.

SIT: Riley Cooper

Cooper's been a minor disappointment to start 2014; his best play thus far has been drawing pass interference from Vontae Davis in the end zone. Chances are the Redskins stick David Amerson (6'3" corner) on him, and until Foles proves he has his relaxed confidence back, he won't make too many throws Cooper's way with such a young and cagey corner on him. Whoever DeAngelo Hall covers will get Foles attention. At 5'10", it's not likely Hall is put on Cooper too much.

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