Gruden on Jackson: "He's a Terrible Blocker"

Chip Kelly has long demanded his players know how to block. On Friday, Jay Gruden made some comments that perhaps validate Kelly's controversial decision to cut Jackson in March.

Forget alleged gang ties; Chip Kelly claimed his decision to cut DeSean Jackson this past March strictly for 'football reasons', and it makes a little more sense today.

While Kelly has kept the likes of Jeff Maehl, James Casey, Chris Polk, and others for their blocking prowess, dynamic playmaker Jackson was cast away.

If Kelly feels that Jackson can't block, he's not the only one.

Redskins coach Jay Gruden, Jackson's current jefe, relayed as such Friday morning on his own ESPN Radio 980 show.

In a discussion about Jackson's health status for Sunday (currently listed as 'questionable' with a shoulder sprain), Gruden said the following

He wants to go really bad obviously, he’s going back to Philly, but if he’s not 100%, if he’s 60-70%, he’s really not that good to us. (laughs) He’ s already 160 pounds. If he’s only.... (laughs) He’s already a very terrible blocker."

The statement was made in jest, but Gruden's casualness about it is fascinating. He didn't put down Jackson's poor blocking skills as though it were some revelation. Gruden said it in the same tone you'd say, 'we can't go to the store if it's already closed.'

Replacing Jackson's torching speed is a challenge Kelly was willing to take on, and it's little more clear as to why that may be.

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