How Much Time Will Jason Kelce Miss?

C Jason Kelce will likely be out several weeks due to a sports hernia.

Eagles' center Jason Kelce left the third quarter of Sunday's 37-34 win over Washington with an injury to his abdomen. In his Monday press conference, head coach Chip Kelly told the media Kelce would undergo sports hernia surgery and will wait to hear from team physicians before giving further information.

Kelce is the fourth member of the Eagles' offensive line to go down to injury this season, but as center, he is the biggest blow to an already fragile offensive line being held together by the proverbial bubble gum and duck tape.

So, how long will Kelce be out of action? According to Benton A. Emblom of the Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center in Alabama, the answer may be several weeks. provides a detailed look at sports hernia surgery and the recovery process in the days and weeks after as described by Dr. Emblom.

Quoting the site and Dr. Emblom, "Recovery occurs in phases. Ambulating without crutches after 1-4 days, light exercise including pool therapy in 1-2 weeks, light resistance training and jogging in 3 weeks, sport specific therapy at 3-6 weeks."

In a worst-case scenario based off the information above, Kelce would be on the shelf until at least early-mid November.

In the interim, the Eagles will use David Molk at center with guard Wade Smith being his backup.

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