James Casey Makes 1 Million Dollar Catch

The Eagles third-string tight end might have the best job on the planet.

James Casey should be feeling like a true winner.

The 30 year old is coming off, hands down, the most important catch in his Eagles career… not like there are a lot to choose from.

With 1:43 remaining in the game, the Redskins just used their second timeout. On the previous play McCoy was stuffed with a one yard loss, setting up the Eagles with a 2nd & 11. Up to this point, the Philly rushing game was the opposite of ferocious against Washington. Nevertheless we would assume that the Eagles would be conservative and run the clock down as much as they could, to provide the ‘Skins with the least amount of time possible to make a comeback.

Just when you think you have figured out the Philadelphia Eagles, you could not be more completely wrong.

Foles connected with his third-string tight end Saint James Casey for a 19 yard gain, achieving the first down, and sealing the victory.

You’re welcome James, Jamie, Jimmy, whatever you actually preferred to be called. I just made you look like a hero.

The truth of the matter is that James Casey is living the good life. Why? I’ll tell you why.

Last year, Chip Kelly signed the “versatile” Casey to a 3 year, $12 million contract.

As we all know, Chip likes to move the ball quickly, and we assumed with the Casey signing, that he would be on the field quite often.

Casey, the 2009 product from Rice University played seven different positions for the Owls (That’s including quarterback).

At 6’3”, 240 pounds, James was drafted by the Texans in the 5th round and split time between fullback and primarily tight end. In his last season with Houston, Casey had career highs in targets (45), receptions (34), and touchdowns (3) in nine games starting.

We thought Chip really landed a sleeper with this guy. We thought this dude was about to be in his prime. We thought he was ready to bust loose onto the scene as a legitimate second tight end to compliment Brent Celek.

Then the draft happened a month later.

“With the 35th overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select Zachary Ertz, tight end, Stanford.”

They say everyone has their five seconds of fame. James Casey did not even have a moment of fame.

Casey is the equivalent of finding that wrinkled shirt in the back of your dresser that you didn't even know you owned. You’re about to wear it, just because you know that your friends never saw you in it, and they would think, “Oh wow, this guy is financially stable to buy clothes for himself, how about that?”

But then your girlfriend comes into the room and says, “Hey babe, I couldn't get the mustard stain off your Polo, so I went out and bought you a new one!” And this shirt makes you look like a total BOSS because it’s form-fitting and makes you look like you have been working out, even though the most you do is walk from the fridge to your recliner to flip back and forth from the Phillies losing to SportsCenter.

So you grab Zach Ertz, I mean this new Polo, and can’t wait to flaunt it off to your bros. Meanwhile, you disregard this old shirt you forgot existed, and throw it back into the oblivion that is your ratchet excuse for a wardrobe, never to be seen again except for peeking out in irrelevant moments in your life just as a reminder that it is still there.

What a segue into James Casey’s 2013 season. This analogy perfectly illustrates his season, as James Casey caught an astounding three balls last season. Three catches for third-string Casey.

If for whatever reason you somehow managed to miss them, I appropriately placed them here in numbered order, so you don’t miscount.

1. Jimmy Boy Casey made his first catch in an Eagles uniform in Week 4 in the embarrassing 52-20 debacle in Denver last year. It was for 12 yards on Philly’s second possession, and it led to a field goal. Score!

2.Week 7 vs the Giants, a.k.a. “The Matthew Montgomery Barkley Saga Continues” game. Before Vick left this game with a quad injury, he completed an 11 yard pass to Casey for the Eagles’ first first down of the game. The Eagles lost, if you don’t recall 15-7.

3.Very similarly to last week’s clincher, King James had a clutch 8 yard grab on a 3rd & 7 in the 4th quarter in Green Bay that contributed to the Eagles running the remaining 9:32 in the game off the clock in a 27-13 win.

Casey is making $4 million each season with the birds. So, if you are smarter than a 5th grader, we can conclude Jack-of-all-trades Casey earned 1.3 millions dollars per catch last season.


A rare sighting that James Casey is, as he only played in 14% of the team’s offensive snaps a season ago.

I will leave you with this. This season when you’re watching Darren Sproles, Fletcher Cox, Mychal Kendricks, Bradley Fletcher, and that Nick Foles fellow, just remember they are getting paid less than that bandit Jesse James Casey.

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