Eagles Start Em/Sit Em, Week 4

The 49ers provide some favorable match-ups for the Eagles offense in terms of fantasy production. Here's a sure-starter, and one to bench for a week.

START: Nick Foles

Foles impressed through pain against a Redskins defense that gunned for his head, hurrying and hitting him on all-out blitzes. The 49ers defense not only lacks that kind of brute force at the moment, but their secondary looks extremely weak. While opponents only complete 62 percent of their throws on San Fran's secondary, they also have seven touchdowns and a 92.2 passer rating. With Perrish Cox the only corner not overtly struggling, Foles will continue to go over the top, likely paying off big.

SIT: Jordan Matthews

Matthews did have a breakout afternoon a week ago against the Redskins, putting up points in the red zone and in the flat, but the sit suggestion ties in to what's written above. Foles will be too tempted to go over the top on a defense that was easily toasted deep by the Cardinals, and by the second-half Bears as well. That means Jeremy Maclin, Riley Cooper, and Zach Ertz will benefit more than Matthews, who'll certainly have his catches, but not as deep an impact.

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