How To Get The 3-1 Eagles Back On Track

3-1 isn't a terrible record. In fact, there's a dozen-plus other teams out there who would love to be in that position. The Eagles however have had plenty problems of their own as they're quickly derailing to a disastrous year. What does the "Chip-train" need to do to get back on track?

1. Keep Feeding The Ball To LeSean McCoy

Through the last two weeks, the 2013 rushing leader doesn't even have a combined 40 rushing yards. McCoy has struggled very heavily the last couple weeks in particular, as linemen have been dropping like flies. With McCoy not even averaging two yards a carry, it's leading some fans to question if the O-line was doing the bulk of the work the whole time? Personally, I don't think they're 100% responsible, but I think McCoy learned to lean on them maybe more than he should. Thankfully for his sake, Lane Johnson will be back in the line up next week and should help improve the offensive line drastically. Maybe Shady McCoy can have his first breakout game of 2014? Last time he played the Rams (week 1, 2011) the running back put up 115 rushing yards on 15 carries, and scored two touchdowns. As long as they keep believing in their best offensive player, he'll re-gain confidence in himself and prove to the league why he's still the best rusher around.

2. Allow Brandon Boykin To ATTEMPT Playing Outside

All the Brandon Boykin supporters got quite the reality check when the third-year CB struggled most of the game vs. SF. That being said, he still played a whole lot better than veteran CB Cary Williams, who has quickly become the most hated Eagle since (insert bottom-dwelling safety or cornerback name here). As if his play hasn't been bad enough, he tends to be a guy who loves to talk. Always awkward when the guy talking all the smack gets worked week after week. Late in the game this past Sunday, with the Eagles still in the lead, Williams gave up a costly penalty on third down and followed it up by allowing a game-changing touchdown. While Boykins' size may lead him to struggle, he's surely the teams best option at this point. If Williams is already going to give up 1+ TD a game, why not let someone else get a shot? It's more of a "what do you have to lose?" type situation than anything..

3. 10 Yards At A Time

So far in Nick Foles' short career, he's been marked by his ability to make big plays happen. Certainly a big part to the Eagles 10-6 run last year, getting them into the postseason for the first time since 2010. However this year we've seen a different Foles. He still has a rocket arm, but he's but a lot more hesitant throwing deep, and has taken his time getting rid of the ball, always looking for the touchdown pass. Maybe it's the lack of the running game forcing him to look for big plays? While the Eagles do have the personnel for big plays, they're truly built for 10 yards at a time. With the talented RB/TE duo's, there's no reason for Foles not to check the ball down at least a few times a drive. The only way to make a big play happen, is to get the short game going. Whether it be more screen passes (McCoy zero receptions over last two weeks) or just getting the ball to one of the TE's in space, Foles has to figure out a way to get rid of the pig-skin quicker.

4. Keep Bringing The Blitz

Unlike the first few weeks, the Eagles defense was a force to be reckoned with the first half against San Francisco, registering four sacks. Leading up to the game, the team had lacked pressure against Jacksonville, Washington and of course Indianapolis. By bringing the blitz against a guy like Colin Kaepernick, it forced him to look over his shoulder before every pass, largely the reason the Eagles entered halftime in the lead. After halftime, it seemed like the Eagles backed off a little bit. They still looked to be rushing a few guys, but after Kaepernick got the passing game going, it was all over. Personally, I think it was the deficiency of the secondary that forced the line to back off a little bit. They probably lost their confidence in the process as well. If these guys can get past the fact that their secondary is god awful, they may be able to do the bulk of the defensive work themselves.

5. Get Your Act Together, Nick Foles

There are so many problems with the offensive line and running game, it's hard to pin bad offensive play on just the quarterback. But when that QB is overthrowing wide open receivers and tight ends week after week, the blame finds it's way to him. Foles hasn't been awful, but he hasn't been anywhere near a mirror image of his 2013 self. Instead he's playing like his job is on the line, going deep every chance he possibly gets. I can't tell if it's a lack of confidence in himself or the line, but clearly something is very off. If Foles can at least get back on track to making the easy completions, it will be hard to this team to lose.

6. Win Nine More Games

Might not be easy for fans to swallow, but this team is going to lose a few more games. Thankfully, this season isn't anywhere close to over, and the Eagles are 3-1, so they're in a great position. 1/4 of the way into 2014, the team is 1/4 of the way to a 12 win record. If the Eagles can win 3-of-4 games every month, it's impossible for them to miss the postseason. It won't be easy, but the upcoming schedule allows for some great Eagles football. October: STL, NYG, HOU and AZ. That should be four wins, at least three says the optimist in me. The team will need those wins, as November proves to be a lot more competitive. GB, CAR, DAL should all be expected to score at least 24 points. Tennessee should be a good win for the team, but the other three won't be easy. They'll be important later in December however, as the team finishes the year with three straight divisional games, as well as opening the month against Seattle. If they can come into December with at least 8 wins, this team will be in a fantastic position. That's two months from now, only five games left to win out of eight. Doesn't sound so bad does it?

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