Baker's Hit on Foles Deemed Illegal

After Troy Vincent deemed the hit on Nick Foles to be within the rules of the game, the NFL Referees Association declared otherwise.

Chris Baker shall get no apologies.

Troy Vincent may have declared the tackle's blindside smashing of Nick Foles to be a clean hit, but the NFL Referee's Association says otherwise.

In a statement released Thursday, the NFLRA says, in part, "the officiating department a day later graded the call as correct."

In the hit, Baker struck Foles from the backside after the would-be intercepting player, Bashaud Breeland, was tackled to conclude the play. Therefore, not only was the hit of the cowardly variety, but it was after the play was over, therefore making it a personal foul.

Baker demanded apologies from angry, accusatory Eagles fans on Twitter. Not that the fans would have anyway, but with further backing from the officiating heads, no sorries will be coming.

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