Eagles Start Em/Sit Em, Week 5

The struggles of the Rams defense could prove a fertile breeding ground for the Eagles offense to find its footing after last week's disaster. Which Eagle is the best candidate to start?

START: LeSean McCoy

If not now, then when? Shady's rough start to 2014 (less than 200 yards after four games, 2.7 YPA) coincides with him playing one of the worst run defenses in football (5.1 YPA allowed). The best run pressure of St. Louis comes through the middle behind rookie lineman Aaron Donald, and McCoy has his two starting tackles, Jason Peters and Lane Johnson, together for the first time this season. Considering that the Rams' first three games have seen them allowing a 100 yard rusher in each, the stars have aligned for McCoy to finally do some damage.

SIT: Riley Cooper

In part because of McCoy potentially having a blockbuster game, but also due to his own recent struggles. After dropping the potential game-winning touchdown pass against the 49ers, Cooper has plenty of atoning to do, but it won't all happen in one week. There's plenty of opportunity for Cooper to have one of those 125-yard, two-touchdown games he had last season once he gets into a groove. I just wouldn't wager it happens this week.

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