Black Jersey/Pants Sunday Night for Eagles

Under the cover of night, the Eagles revert to a form of complete darkness. The black jerseys debuted in 2003 to acclaim, and now they're complimented with black pants.

The midnight green is still in the lab for now, giving way to a new look in Philadelphia.

It's being reported by linebacker Connor Barwin that the Eagles will debut black pants on Sunday night for the first time ever, matched by their popular alternate black jerseys.

The jerseys debuted in 2003, and are primarily worn with the team's white pants (although they've been mixed with the road-green pants on occasion). Never before have the Eagles worn anything but white, green, or gray for pants.

The starkness of the look will be akin to the attire sometimes worn by the Ravens, Saints, and Jaguars, but with fringes of Eagle green to give it the hometown flavor.

The Eagles host the Giants Sunday night on NBC, debuting the scheme in front of a national audience.

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