McCoy And Sproles Need To Split Snaps 50/50

The Eagles are 4-1, despite what Twitter would have you think. They're struggling at times, but they've still managed to lead the league in points. However if this team can't get the running game back on track, the offense will be completely shut down. Well, there's a way to fix that....

It's always difficult to judge when it's time to bring a superstar to the sideline. Do you keep them on the field hoping and praying they'll get their act together? Tom Brady just proved all the nay-sayers wrong this past week when he blew out the Bengals despite a few weeks of heavy speculation. For LeSean McCoy, he hasn't quite overcome that speculation and concern.

Through the first five weeks of the 2014 season, the star back has only ammassed 273 rushing yards on 94 attempts averaging just 2.9 YPC. At this rate, he's on pace for just 837 yards on the ground, a low since he inherited the staring job from Brian Westbrook in 2010. While benching McCoy is certainly a little far, there is far more effective alternative.

Darren Sproles has been the MVP of the offense, it's kind of hard to deny that. Sure Jeremy Maclin is on pace to blow all of DeSean Jackson's records out of the water, but Sproles has been the true star, registering 172 yards on only 25 attempts (6.9 avg). It's kind of an anomoly that Sproles hasn't been on the field with the lack of production from McCoy, but the team is 4-1, so maybe there's a reason behind it.

However if the Eagles continue to lack a decent rush game for four quarters, they'll be adding to the loss column sooner rather than later

One obvious way to fix that, is to share more of the work. The Eagles rushed the ball 31 times against the Rams, yet Sproles only touched the ball 22% of the time. That's a problem.

Splitting the load 50/50 might seem a little harsh for McCoy, who just last year led the league in rushing yards. But in the NFL, you can't deny talent, and at this point in the season, Sproles is the guy with the talent. If you project his numbers with the same carries that McCoy has, he would have a ridiculous 648 yards, which would be second in the NFL. At this point, giving Sproles anything less than 50% of the carries, or even offensive snaps for that matter, is nothing short of cruel.

If the Eagles want to win, they need to keep their best players on the field. Right now, it's hard to argue Sproles isn't one of those guys.

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