Good News for Sproles?

After suffering a nasty twist to his knee later in the shutout win, Darren Sproles left the game and went straight to the locker room. Word is that it's not too bad.


While the early word after Darren Sproles' knee-wrenching exit from Sunday's game ranged from hopeful (walking around normally, telling everyone he was fine) to fearful (Lane Johnson saying it wasn't good, a wooden Michelle Tafoya saying Sproles wasn't happy with the doctor's news), a veteran beat reporter for the team is pointing toward good news for the micro-back.

Hours after Chip Kelly said on WIP that Sproles claimed he felt fine, Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News tweeted some solid speculation regarding Sproles' health. While Bowen doesn't name the people who assured his understanding, he's also not one to throw BS out there for the sake of retweets.

Bowen did also playfully retweet a tongue-in-cheek remark from a follower, who said he heard Sproles wouldn't be playing this week. Yeah, well, neither are LeSean McCoy or Connor Barwin or....

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