5 Things To Ponder During Bye-Week

The Philadelphia Eagles head into the bye-week sitting comfortable at 5-1. There's still plenty of issues this team has to fix, and they could certainly decide the fate of this season. Thankfully, there's a lot of time for them to fix their woes. In the mean time, here's some questions you should ask yourself during the week-long vacation.

1. Is The Real McCoy Back?

After going five games without a 100 yard rushing game, the 2014 yards leader dropped an impressive 149 on the ground against the Giants this past Sunday night. Before that breakout performance however, we as fans were worried, and we had the right to be. Was he really only successful because of the phenomenal offensive line? I'll gamble and say no, I expect McCoy to put up another 800 or so yards at least after the bye-week. Unfortunately I don't decide how he plays, so it will be interesting to see how the All-Pro pans out the next 10 games.

2. Can The Veteran LBs Keep Up With Long Season?

A real reason to the Eagles success this past month has no doubt been the defense. The pass rush has been through the roof as Connor Barwin and Trent Cole both appear to be in the midst of some of their greatest seasons yet. But with age not exactly on their side, will they be able to keep up with the long season? There are some extremely tough opponents coming up where pass rush will be vital to escaping with a win. Thankfully they haven't been doing all the work, though they've been seeing most the credit. Fletcher Cox, Cedric Thornton, Vinny Curry and Brandon Graham have been destroying offensive lines every other play, paving the way for Cole/Barwin to play with the QB; If the D-line keeps up the good work, there's a real chance these guys won't tire out at all.

3. WIll Jordan Matthews Finish 2014 With More Receiving Yards Than Riley Cooper?

Jordan Matthews is off to a great start to his rookie campaign. Playing mainly in the slot, Matthews has already accumulated 226 yards on 23 receptions, as well as two touchdowns. On the outside, Riley Cooper, is coming off his best year yet, but has only accumulated 217 yards on 27 receptions this year, hardly the stuff of 5 year/$25 million contracts. This is only a concern because Chip Kelly has the tendency to keep starters on the field as long as possible even when adequate competition lies behind them (i.e. Cary Williams - Brandon Boykin). Cooper has technically had his two best games of the season back-to-bak, so maybe he's returned to 2013 form? We should be able to get a better picture at how his year may turn out in the following few weeks. At this rate though, looks like Matthews stands a real chance at out-recieving and out-scoring the five-year veteran.

4. What Is The Weakest Unit For The Philadelphia Eagles?

This is a question i'm sure Chip and the coaching staff may ask themselves a few times in the coming weeks, if they don't already know it. The offensive line has surely seen better days, but the relief players have been outstanding at times, so it's not fair to label them a weak unit. The linebackers have been decent when Mychal Kendricks is healthy, but even then it's clear they could use a hand. Also the secondary has seen better days, as free agent acquisition Malcolm Jenkins has been the only real contributor. Cary WIlliams and Bradley Fletcher have been just short of awful, while Nate Allen still can't cover to save his life. I think the weakest unit is surely the secondary, but it's a toss up between the cornerbacks and safeties.

5. Is Nick Foles The Type Of QB Chip Kelly Wants Moving Forward?

Obviously the 2014 Eagles will live or die with Nick Foles. Beyond that, it's a real question. He's eligible for a contract extension, and by all means deserves one. The 2012 third-round draft pick has been exceptional through the last two years as he boasts the best TD-INT ratio of all-time. Despite the accolades, Foles has seriously come back down to Earth this season as he's proven to the world that he's undoubtedly human, throwing five INT's in the first six games. While he's lead his team to a 5-1 record, it's been in awkward fashion. Even in his best games, he still has more mistakes than us fans would like to admit. He's held onto the ball far too long at times, and has had wide open lanes that a guy like say, Marcus Mariota, would be able to fly through. It no doubt must be cringe-worthy for Kelly to watch his Foles move around knowing what he could do with a dual-threat QB. However, Kelly was always fond of Foles in college and complimented him week after week. He's groomed the former AZ star and turned him into the player he is today, so it certainly wouldn't be a surprise to see Kelly keep working with him moving forward.

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