Chip Kelly Visits Victor Cruz After Injury

In the aftermath of Cruz's season-ending knee injury Sunday night, the Eagles coach brought some well-wishes to the Giants receiver.

If the New York Daily News ever tries to slander Chip Kelly the way they did the celebrating bystander who stood near a fallen Victor Cruz, keep this in mind.

The Giants receiver revealed in a Friday conference call that the Eagles coach visited him at the hospital the morning after the 27-0 Sunday night rout.

"Chip Kelly came to visit me in the hospital in Philadelphia after the game and whatnot," Cruz revealed. "Just to know that things like that, the way I carry myself and the way I play the game just fuels people and gets them excited and has them think about me that much more to come visit me and make sure I'm OK, it's just overwhelming. It's a great feeling."

It's not without precedent. In 1978, after feared Raider Jack Tatum paralyzed Patriots receiver Darryl Stingley in a preseason game, John Madden visited Stingley in the hospital and forged a friendship with the fallen player, and remained close to Stingley up through his death in 2007.

Eagles and Giants are seldom buddy-buddy, but it's nice to see the bigger picture take precedent over one of the game's greatest rivalries.

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