Are the Eagles Winning Despite Nick Foles?

Analysts, pundits and fans all have their say on the performance of Nick Foles through his first six games.

I'm not Buzz Bissinger. (Don't want to be him either.) But, his recent vitriolic words on local sports radio actually do raise a general question that's worth pondering during this bye week: Are the Eagles winning despite Nick Foles?

Below you'll find some statistics and expert analysis from seasoned veterans who follow Foles and the league at large. Take the information below and feel free to come to your own conclusion.

In his latest "Quarterback Big Board", ESPN's Ron Jaworski ranked Nick Foles as the 18th best quarterback in the league. The former Eagle quarterback opined, "Foles has been a little erratic this season. He's shown the ability to make some tough throws, but he's made some poor decisions with where he's gone with the football."

On a recent edition of Comcast SportsNet's "Quick Slants", host Derrick Gunn weighed in on Foles by saying, "I know we're still waiting to see the Nick Foles of 2013. That guy doesn't exist anymore." The longtime anchor also defended Foles performance telling viewers, "Remember he's still a very young quarterback. He's still learning all the intricacies of the game."

To offer up a fair statistical sample size, let's compare the first six starts of this season to the first six starts of each of his previous two seasons.

Through six games this season, Foles has completed 59.5% of his passes for 1,628 yards. He's thrown 10 touchdowns and 8 interceptions, and amassed a quarterback rating of 82.0 which ranks 25th in the NFL entering Week 7.

In his first six starts of the 2013 season, Foles completed 63.25% of his passes for 1,545 yards. Most notably, he threw 16 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. His quarterback rating in those games was 125.7. The Eagles went 5-1 in those 6 starts.

The first six starts of the 2012 season double as the first six starts of Foles' NFL career. In his first 6 starts, Foles completed 59.66% of his passes for 1,480 yards. He threw 5 touchdowns and 4 interceptions and had a quarterback rating of 78.3. The Eagles lost 5 of the 6 games Foles started in 2012.

Perhaps the proper question isn't "Are the Eagles winning despite Nick Foles?” Perhaps the proper question is "Will the real Nick Foles please stand up?”

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