5 Observations: Offensive Snaps

Pro Football Focus' snap counts can tell a funny story when you delve into them. Here's some odd facts from the Eagles offensive counts.

1. Darren Sproles runs the ball on 23.19% of his snaps

In 138 offensive snaps, Sproles has run 32 times, validating the excitement Eagles fans knew he would bring up from New Orleans. While with the Saints, Sproles was seldom used as a true running back, deferring to Pierre Thomas and Mark Ingram, while serving as Drew Brees' favorite screen target. Last year, Sproles carried just 53 times with the Saints, only the team's fourth-highest total, behind even Khiry Robinson. Sproles, injury or not, should easily shatter that this year in Philly

2. Brent Celek pass blocks on one of every 11 snaps

Extra pass protection has been needed with the line in injury-laden shambles at times, and Celek's worked to help restore some potency. The tight end has played 304 snaps, staying home on 27 of them. Another 119 times, Celek has gone out as an actual receiver, meaning every 18.49% of passing plays he's in on, he helps block for Nick Foles.

3. David Molk has played the third-most offensive line snaps

Up until Molk turned into a human snow-plow against the Giants, that sentence may have made me flinch a bit. Molk's had big shoes to fill in the stead of Jason Kelce, but he's made do on 309 snaps, behind only Todd Herremans (439) and Jason Peters (417). Peters would've played as many as Herremans, the only offensive player to play each snap along with Foles, but the Redskins ejection, and a late-game pull against the Giants, scaled his total back.

4. David Molk has played one more snap than LeSean McCoy

Sure, McCoy missed many downs in the Redskins game with a minor head injury, and was ineffective both there and in San Francisco, but it's still a somewhat-amusing anomaly. No one would have predicted over the summer that the stat would be true.

5. Lane Johnson indicates a balance since his activation

Johnson has only played in two games, but check out the balance: he's credited for 71 run snaps and 78 passing downs in his 149 plays from scrimmage. Go figure that aside from turnovers, the Eagles offense ran fluidly against the Rams and Giants, and both games would have been blowouts had the defense not fallen asleep against St. Louis. Balance is good, and as long as Johnson and others can run-block effectively, that trend will continue.

Statistics from Pro Football Focus were used to write this story.

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