Kendricks Returning to Practice?

It's been over a month seen we've seen the speedy linebacker on the field, but Kendricks indicates that the absence won't be for much longer.

Mychal Kendricks posted a thought-provoking essay on his website today detailing, among other things, his intent to return to practice this week. Kendricks stated:

I’ll be in practice this week pushing forward to do what I set out to complete while not seeing this as a setback but as a way forward.

Throughout the essay, Kendricks discusses his role as an 'observer' over the past month, correlating the team's push for a Super Bowl with its maturation, and his role helping make that goal a reality. Kendricks also quotes the late Steve Jobs, sharing in Jobs' notion that life is there for you to change.

All in all, it's a very deep examination by a player with an eye on the prize, and the will to help wrest it from the apex.

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