Why The Eagles Will Outlast The Cowboys

The Eagles are 5-1, but the Cowboys are 6-1. With all the focus from the NFL now directed on the 'Boys, the Eagles need to stake their claim throughout the next few months. Here's some clear-cut reasons why the Eagles will outlast (and out-win) the Cowboys this season.

More Reliable Coaching Staff

Jason Garrett is one four-game losing streak away from losing his job despite the fast start to 2014. In fact, heading into this season there were few coaches in the NFL who had a hotter seat than Garretts'. Chip Kelly on the other hand is only midway through his second year in the NFL, and he's already earned the respect of a top five coach after making the postseason in 2013 with a young QB. He's facing zero pressure compared to Garrett, and will likely use that to take a few more risks than usual throughout the season. Garrett will continue to play it safe (hence all the ball-carrying) which might not bode as well for the team as he thinks...

Running Back Getting Healthy Amount Of Carries

DeMarco Murray is on pace for blowing the NFL record for carries in one year out of the water. He's also the first running back to rush for over 100 yards in the first seven straight games. To Cowboys fans that equals unequivocal and dominant success. To the realist however, we know Murray would have to be super-human to last another 10 weeks going on the same pace he's going. LeSean McCoy (and Darren Sproles for that matter) will still be in midseason form by late November when the two teams meet. By splitting the carries, coach Kelly is allowing both RB's to come off the field when they feel necessary, without letting the offense miss a beat. That late in the season, it could mean the Eagles not only outrushing the Cowboys, but outscoring them too.

Better Pass Rush

Being 6-1, the Cowboys MUST have an amazing defensive line.. right? Wrong. Through the first third of the season, the 'Boys have only managed six sacks (tied for 30th), less than one per game. The Eagles on the other hand (who just had a bye-week) are tied at 8th in the league with 19 sacks. The difference between the two lines is the depth. Whereas the Cowboys do have a few stars on the line, the Eagles have three or four. Trent Cole and Connor Barwin look like they're entering their prime, but surely that must be impossible. Fletcher Cox, Vinny Curry and Brandon Graham are also having phenomenal seasons, each earning their deserved time in the spotlight. Expect the rotation of the Philadelphia defensive line to prove deadly through the rest of the season.

Elite Special Teams Play

It's amazing to think that through six games, the Eagles special teams unit has been their most valuable. They have the leagues best punter, and a seemingly up-and-coming kicker. They've blocked or tipped a FG/Punt in five games this year which has to be some sort of record. They've also scored twice on returns and twice on blocks. The Cowboys on the other hand ranks 23rd when defending the punt, and 24th when returning them. The Eagles special teams unit could help power them through a few games this season and might even be solely responsible for a win or two.


Whatever you define momentum as, Chip Kelly and the Eagles have it. As Dr. Evil once said, it's "the life force, the essence, the right stuff, what the French call a certain ‘I don’t know what.” While he was actually talking about Austin Powers' 'mojo', his words certainly apply to what Chip has done with the Eagles. His team has gone from worst-to-first and for the first time in years, all three phases of the team have been playing exceptional. If the team can keep up with their own hype, there's no way they'll exit the 2014 season below the Dallas Cowboys.

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