Polk May See Heavy Use Sunday

Darren Sproles could potentially miss Sunday afternoon's game in Glendale. This is an opportunity for the No. 3 back to show his wares.

At the end of the summer, many Eagles fans were disheartened when Matthew Tucker and Henry Josey were released in favor of veteran running back Chris Polk, absent for the entire preseason with a hamstring injury.

Firmly third on the depth chart, Polk's only high-impact contribution to the team this season came as a kick returner, running back a Redskins boot 102 yards for a first-quarter touchdown on September 21.

Aside from that piece of business, Polk has done nothing on offense. That's not even a generalization; Polk has not taken a single hand-off or caught a single pass this year. Trey Burton's run the ball, and Jeff Maehl's caught passes. Polk, when active, is just a distant third to All-Pro LeSean McCoy and lethal weapon Darren Sproles.

On Sunday, Polk, a man with 11 carries and four catches to his name in three seasons (all in 2013), could see a heavily increased role.

If Sproles is to miss the game with his MCL injury, Polk will be pressed in as RB2, contending with a Cardinals defense that's tops against the run this year (3.15 YPA allowed). If McCoy can't find space against the defense, Polk will be leaned on to punch holes.

Polk's most prolific offensive output came against the Lions in last year's winter wonderland classic, rushing for 50 yards on four carries, one of them a touchdown. Polk's low center of gravity compliments a power-running style that could shed tacklers and actually be a boon against such a stifling Todd Bowles defense.

If Sproles can't go, the Birds may yet find themselves in good hands.

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