What Eagles Need To Do To Defeat Tough Texans

The Eagles are coming off an upsetting loss against the Cardinals. They're bruised and battered, but they're ready for what lies ahead. In this case, it's the Houston Texans. This week nine matchup will mark the second straight away game for Philly, and it doesn't seem to get much easier. What do the Eagles need to do to get their 6th win of the year?

Find Your Feet, Foles

The most popular criticism with Nick Foles has been his tendency to not set his feet when dropping back. We saw him throw two interceptions last week after bad footwork, and it's not like he was moving any better the weeks before that. Ironically, Nick Foles has been the least sacked QB this year, only registering seven through seven games. If you really dissect it, it's easy to see why the third-year QB has made so many mistakes. Foles has certainly struggled to find his groove this year, but if he can just calm down and trust the pocket, and make the right decisions, I think we'll see a lot more of that guy from last year who made the Pro Bowl.

More Production From Rookie Wideouts

Nick Foles was the goat from last weeks game, but it's not like he got much help from anyone else besides Jeremy Maclin. Josh Huff fumbled the ball in a goal-line situation and Jordan Matthews failed to put up much of a fight versus Tyrann Mathieu in the red-zone late in the game. By my count, the rookie receiver lost in both match ups versus Mathieu within 20 yards of the end-zone. If he gets one of those TD's, and Huff doesn't fumble, Eagles win by over a touchdown. Thankfully this league is all about fixing your mistakes so hopefully that's some motivation for the two youngsters. If they help take some pressure off of Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper, this game could really be something special for the offense.

Keep The Screen Passes Coming

For having the most dominant defensive player in the NFL, the Houston Texans aren't that great of a defense. They're decent against the run, but horrid against the pass. It's the pass-rush that they really make their name. For the Eagles, they've been a pass heavy team as of late, as Foles threw the ball over 60 times last week. Expect the Philly offense to rely a lot on bubble screen passes like they did against AZ. If J.J. Watt is pursuing Foles, he can simply dump it off to his screen option for a sure gain. Darren Sproles should be making his return this week so expect him to see four or five receptions before the game is over.

Special Teams Must Return To Elite Form

The Eagles special teams unit made headlines week after week during the first quarter of the season. Though they've been quiet as of late, they're due for a boost with the return of the ridiculously quick Sproles. The Houston special teams unit isn't so bad themselves, as they rank second when returning punts and sixth when defending them. If the Eagles can manage a punt block,FG block, or a return, it would be absolutely monumental for the moral of this team. Do your thing, Darren!

Keep The Sacks Coming, Boys!

The Eagles currently average 2.7 sacks per game. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a pretty predictable guy, so hopefully this defense can up the total to maybe three or four sacks. Last week they brought the pressure all game only to let up the final few drives. If they can manage pressure for all four quarters, it will be hard for this defense to do any wrong.

MULTIPLE Turnovers

Finally, the Eagles need to start forcing some turnovers if they want to be taken seriously for the NFC East title. Malcolm Jenkins has been the only member of the defense to register an interception, and he has three. The defensive line however has forced seven fumbles, which is currently tied for third. Technically, that averages out to an interception every other game, and a forced fumble every game. If the stars can aline and allow the Eagles to force at least two turnovers against Houston, I wouldn't expect anything less than a blowout victory from the Eagles.

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