Three Stars From 31-21 Victory Over Texans

The Eagles were able to get back on track against the Texans this past Sunday despite the loss of some key players. Who stepped up to help deliver the teams' sixth when of the year?

3. OLB Connor Barwin

Ex-Texan Connor Barwin had himself a great afternoon in his return to Houston. The game was really a microcosm of his career thus far as he once again proved to be a dominant pass defender as he knocked down two of Ryan Fitzpatrick's throws including his final pass of the game. He's no J.J. Watt, but then again nobody is. Barwin is certainly having one hell of a season and at this rate could earn himself a Pro Bowl bid by years' end.

2. RB LeSean McCoy

All three running backs had a day to remember. Darren Sproles came in clutch on back-to-back on third downs, Chris Polk proved he was still a bruiser of a back, but it was Shady McCoy who was truly the most valuable on the ground. The 2013 rushing leader was a threat all game and the Texans were sure to hone in on it early. Unfortunately for them it didn't work out so well as McCoy picked up over five yards a carry and helped take a lot of the pressure off of Mark Sanchez who was playing his first NFL game since 2012. While he seems to be in the midst of a so-so year, the sixth year back is on pace for over 1,200 yards - not too shabby.

3. WR Jeremy Maclin

It's kind of hard to believe Jeremy Maclin has never amassed 1000 yards in a season. He's been a great all-around receiver for years, and has been a touchdown machine since he entered the league. I don't want to be the guy to continue to compare him to DeSean Jackson, but in just 67 games played Maclin has 34 TD's compared to Jackson's 36 TD's in 96 games. Keep in mind Jeremy Maclin was a No.2 WR for 59 of those games. Mark Sanchez said it best after Philly's victory over Houston, "Jeremy picked a great season to sign a one-year deal".

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