The Sanchize Returns: Bold MNF Predictions

Despite being atop the NFC East, the Eagles are having to deal with a slew of injury concerns. From Demeco Ryans' season-ending achilles injury, to Nick Foles' clavicle fracture, the health of these stars could surely decide the fate of the season. However, I wouldn't count out the 6-2 Eagles just yet - The Sanchize is here.

1. Running Backs Combine For Over 230 Rushing Yards

This isn't really that crazy of a prediction when you consider the health of the offensive line will mostly be restored with the return of Evan Mathis. LeSean McCoy finally found his groove this year as he's totaled 343 yards on the ground in the last three weeks, so grabbing another 100-130 certainly isn't out of the question especially when you consider Carolina is the 29th ranked rushing defense. Also, Eagles RB's are averaging 5.3 yards per carry, so there's no excuse to NOT put up over 200 rushing yards.

2. Mark Sanchez Stat-line: 21/28, 295 Yards 3 TDs

Most notable about this possible stat-line, is that there's zero turnovers. Despite throwing two touchdowns last week, Sanchez also threw two interceptions. Obviously the Eagles escaped with a victory, but it was a lot closer than fans may have liked. If Sanchez wants a real shot at keeping his job as No.1 through 2014, he may want to begin by playing a near-perfect game on Monday night.

3. Jason Avant Scores A TD

Assuming the Eagles are up by a few scores, this one wouldn't really bother me too much. Jason Avant has long been a perfect example of the "straight and narrow" approach to playing football. He's a real team player and could care less what his stats look like by years' end. Expect the Panthers to show Avant some love, who's due to score any week now.

4. Jordan Matthews Outplays Kelvin Benjamin

Halfway into the 2014 season, we're seeing that the hype of the WR depth in the draft was no joke. Sammy Watkins has been incredible while Kelvin Benjamin has shut up all the critics besides a few costly drops. Mike Evans has pretty much washed away Vincent Jackson while Brandin Cooks has quickly become Drew Brees' favorite target. Former Vanderbilt WR Jordan Matthews on the other hand has been playing at the same level as the first-rounders, but he wasn't selected until three quarters of the way through the next round. Expect the second-rounder, not the explosive Benjamin, to be the superior wideout on this day. Predicted stats for Matthews: 8/109/1 TD.

5. Defense Forces Two Turnovers

The Eagles defense hasn't been awful, but they certainly could be playing better, in every phase. A big problem has been second half efficiency, as they constantly allow bad teams to keep pace through the final minutes. The Panthers are a bad team, at least this year. The Eagles need to take advantage of the struggling offense and turn it into at least two turnovers. I would expect them both to come from the DL/LBs however, as pressure on the QB should be at a season-high.

6. Eagles Win By 14+ Points

Overall, the Panthers are struggling to stay relevant. Defensive issues have plagued the team all year, while the offense has struggled to make up for the defensive woes. Cam Newton is on pace for his worst season yet, while the running game has been borderline ineffective. This is the week for the Eagles to stake their claim in the NFC East. Predicted final score: 34-17

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