Bold Predictions For Tough Matchup Vs Packers

At 7-2, the Philadelphia Eagles are sitting pretty at the top of the NFC East. Unfortunately Aaron Rodgers and the Packers look to stop the Chip-Train right in their tracks. Can Mark Sanchez and an up-and-coming defense rise to the occasion and defeat the NFC's most dominant team? Here's some bold predictions for Sunday's match

1. LeSean McCoy Rushes For Under 50 Yards

When they need him most, LeSean "Shady" McCoy will not show up for his team. The Green Bay Packers boast one of the worst run defenses in the NFL, but they're still enough to keep Shady grounded, at least this years' Shady. McCoy is surprisingly still a top 10 rusher, but he's not the dominant play-maker he was a year, or even two years ago. He may get a few lucky breaks, but I wouldn't expect a huge game out of the former Pro Bowler.

2. Mark Sanchez Stat-Line: 28/38 356 Yards 3 TDs

For the second straight week, LeSean McCoy will leave his team out to dry. So for the second straight week Mark Sanchez will be forced to throw the ball maybe a little bit more than coach Kelly would have preferred. Thankfully, for the second straight week, Sanchez will have a near-perfect game. Or at least a game in which he won't commit any turnovers, which is good enough for Eagles fans. I'm not saying he's going to be the next franchise QB in Philly, but if he has two GREAT games in a row, it will be hard to go back to Nick Foles once he's healthy.

3. Defense Or ST Scores A Touchdown

If the Eagles didn't have the play of the elite special teams and defense, they could easily be 5-4 or even 4-5. The defense is solely responsible for at least two wins while special teams gets the nod in a few too. Darren Sproles has been absolutely outstanding while fellow free agent acquisitions Chris Maragos and Bryan Braman have turned a league worst special teams into the best in recent history. On defense there's plenty of opportunities for scoring, whether it be fumble recoveries for interceptions, another big defensive play certainly isn't out of the question. The Eagles are currently ranked second in the NFL in sacks (32), first in forced fumbles (15), and tied for first in defensive touchdowns (2). No excuse not to make some plays this weekend.

4. Eagles Defense Limits Aaron Rodgers To 1 TD Throw, Eddie Lacy To Under 100 Yards Rushing

This would be a miracle considering the Packers have the best receiving tandem in the NFL. Jordy Nelson has revealed himself to be a true No.1 while Randall Cobb is on his way to his best season yet, by far. If the Eagles can contain Rodgers he will be forced to get the ground game going. The Eagles are allowing nearly four yards per run, which could spell disaster. However if they can limit both the QB and RB, like they did last week and against NYG, Philadelphia may actually have a chance at winning.

5. Cody Parkey Nails 40+ Yard Game-Winning FG As Time Expires

How glorious would this be? Eagles fans have been waiting to give their love to a kicker worthy of it. Alex Henery turned into a massive bust while Carey Spear wasn't the answer. Cody Parkey on the other hand is already a household name as he's one of the most accurate kickers in the league. The only thing Eagles want more than a walk-off field goal, is a walk-off pick six from a safety (go for it, Malcolm).

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