VIDEO: Shurmur & Davis Press Conferences

Pat Shurmur and Bill Davis look back on the mistakes made in Green Bay and look ahead to the challenges Tennessee pose Sunday in their weekly press conferences.

With apologies to the late Tim Russert, if it's Tuesday then it's time for offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur and defensive coordinator Bill Davis to meet the press. Around the lunchtime hour Tuesday, they did exactly that at the NovaCare Complex.

In addition to looking ahead to Tennessee, Pat Shurmur addressed the play of Mark Sanchez and how the offense fundamentally failed at Lambeau, how opposing defenses are stacking the box with extra personnel limiting LeSean McCoy's productivity, how he wants to place more emphasis on avoiding turnovers and the progress Matt Tobin is making on the offensive line.

Bill Davis' press conference featured comments regarding the play of Bradley Fletcher and the secondary, a lesson his squad learned in playing one-on-one against the Packers, his frustration over the touchdown scored by Eddie Lacy (which Davis called the worst defensive play of the year) and how the defense is preparing for rookie Titans quarterback Zach Mettenberger

You can view both press conferences in their entirety courtesy of below. And for more Eagles insights and analysis, listen to "Inside the WarNest" Wednesday night at 7 p.m. ET LIVE on BlogTalkRadio.

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