Nine Eagles Free Agents in 2015: Who Stays?

A handful of Eagles could be looking for better deals this coming March. Here's a peek at the nine who will be without contracts after the season, barring an extension.

With six games left in the regular season, and what looks likely to be a playoff berth of some type barring a major collapse, the Eagles will soon begin to look at the 2015 season, namely who sticks around to help out in Chip Kelly's third year.

Nine Eagles are currently listed as unrestricted free agents, per, to varying degrees of success and importance. I've decided to rank them based on what I feel is the priority to re-sign them this February or March.

Jeremy Maclin (2014 Salary: $5.4M)

On the verge of the first 1000-yard season in his six-year career, Maclin's earned a blockbuster deal to make him the franchise receiver. Frankly, I'd have been happier if he and Riley Cooper took opposite deals eight months ago, but that's life. Maclin is an absolute must-sign, presumably for at least a five-year deal.

Brandon Graham (2014 Salary: $3.4M)

Blossoming at the right time, Graham doesn't seem too likely to stay. The converted linebacker wants to be a starter, and finds himself logjammed by Connor Barwin and Trent Cole. Shame, because he plays the run better than both of them, and is proving to be a versatile talent. Unless the Eagles feel Graham could replicate the consistent pressure Cole brings (Cole creates more sacks for others), they might not be likely to let Graham replace Cole. There's a chance they could promise more split time in 2015, but otherwise, Graham's headed elsewhere.

Brad Smith (2014 Salary: $1.2M)

Dave Fipp's special-teams unit values Smith's cageyness and instincts, even though he's never more than the fifth or sixth receiver on offense. He'll probably be easy to re-sign, unless some enterprising team tries to create their own Fipp-like unit and steals him away. Smith's a 31-year-old roleplayer, so that seems unlikely.

Bradley Fletcher (2014 Salary: $3.7M)

There are two Bradley Fletchers. One blankets receivers with tight coverage, suffocating them like the Grim Reaper. The other gives more cushion than Ashley Furniture, and allows enough underneath passes to bloat the defense's third-down percentage. There's enough young corners on the market (Buster Skrine, Byron Maxwell, Perrish Cox) that Fletcher could be deemed expendable. Then again, Cary Williams is due about $6M for 2015, and he may not be worth the money. Changes in the secondary could be considerable.

Casey Matthews (2014 Salary: $760K)

Good on Matthews for busting his tail and becoming a better overall player when he seemed like a possible cut this summer. Still, the Eagles can upgrade over him in some way, especially if DeMeco Ryans' Achilles injury is a long-term issue. The free-agent pool at inside linebacker is light, but Mason Foster and Brandon Spikes could be quality replacements for a reasonable price. Depends on if they feel Marcus Smith has developed enough.

Nate Allen (2014 Salary: $3M)

Too many bites on fakes (costly ones on long touchdowns) have undone any goodwill Allen built up as a solid all-arounder last season. If you want a good safety that covers the pass well, Louis Delmas will likely be available this winter.

Mark Sanchez (2014 Salary: $4.8M)

Sanchez has created enough of a positive buzz to get a look by some QB-deficient team this offseason, and maybe parlay his renewal into a good deal. Packers game aside, some team will take that chance. As for unseating Nick Foles as a long-term franchise leader, that doesn't seem likely. There'll be other veteran QBs milling about the wire for Philadelphia to snatch up.

Julian Vandervelde (2014 Salary: $370K)

Surprised he's still on the roster with Jason Kelce healthy. I suppose he could fill in at either guard spot, but he'll probably be proven expendable again.

Chris Prosinski (2014 Salary: $300K)

Unless he develops into a quality special teamer, probably won't mean much to the team. Prosinski was merely a safety-adhesive after Ryans went on IR.

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