Bold Predictions For Clash Vs. Titans

After a tough 53-20 loss to the Packers, the Eagles need to get back on track this weekend if they plan on contending for the NFC East title. The Tennessee Titans will provide a somewhat-difficult matchup considering there's not much tape on rookie QB Zach Mettenberger. That, and the Eagles have never, ever defeated the Titans.

1. Darren Sproles Gets 12 Or More Carries

LeSean McCoy refuses to accept that he may have lost a step, large in part due to his age. He's only 26 so history says he still has a few more years before we see a drop off in production. Ironically, 31 year-old Darren Sproles is testament to what McCoy and the general public thinks, as he's on pace for his most productive year since 2011. While the young McCoy may still be the No.1 back, Chip can no longer keep the more productive player off the field. If the Eagles want to finally take advantage of a weak run defense, they need to get 43 involved early and often.

2. Jordan Matthews Scores Two More TDs

Clearly Mark Sanchez loves rookie wideout Jordan Matthews, as the two got plenty of practice together working with the second team this past offseason. Since taking over for Foles, Sanchez has completed three TD's to Matthews after the wide receiver went a whole month without a score. Expect the connection to continue for at least one more week as the two connect for multiple touchdowns on Sunday.

3. Riley Cooper Limited To Zero Receptions

This actually isn't even a bold prediction. More like the most realistic prediction i've ever made... Unfortunately, for a guy who just signed a $25M contract, he hasn't done much to make a big chunk of that money. If 14 doesn't step his game up soon he'll be seeing more and more of the bench. In last weeks' loss to the Packers, Chip experimented with Matthews on the outside numerous times. Could certainly be a sign of things to come should Cooper keep getting shut out.

4. Defense Forces Three Turnovers

Zach Mettenberger is not a mobile guy, and that's something pass-rushers like Connor Barwin, and Trent Cole love from an opposing quarterback. I expect the defense to bring constant pressure and force Mettenberger to make a few mistakes. At least one of these turnovers will be a QB fumble, but i'm looking for the secondary to have their best game of the year.

5. Cody Parkey 5/5 On The Day

The Eagles are in a position where they could put up a lot of points. While I think they'll do just that, their porous red-zone offense could keep them from scoring too many TD's. At least 15 of their points will come courtesy of rookie kicker Cody Parkey, who's looking to be an Eagle for the next decade plus.

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