Three Stars From 43-24 Win Over Titans

After getting anhillated by the Packers last week, the Eagles took out their frustration on the 2-8 Tennessee Titans. It was a sloppy victory, but a victory nonetheless, boosting the team to 8-3. Who's most responsible for leading the Eagles to their 10th straight home win?

1. WR Josh Huff

The Eagles very well could've won without his game-opening kickoff return, but Josh Huff is 100% responsible for helping get all the momentum that helped boost the team past 40 points for only the second time this season. Huff had a pretty rough start to his rookie year, really doing more bad than good. He has yet to establish himself as a dynamic wideout, but he's got time on his side. As far as special teams play goes, I don't understand why Chris Polk is getting any reps at returner.

2. RB LeSean McCoy

Despite being seventh in rushing yards heading into this game, LeSean McCoy was not having the year he, or really anyone, expected. Only averaging 3.7 yards per carry, some were beginning to doubt if the old star would ever return. This week McCoy got to prove a lot of those naysayers wrong as he posted 130 yards on 21 carries while also adding his third touchdown on the year. 6.1 yards per carry are exceptional numbers and if Shady can keep this up for the next few weeks, the road to the Playoffs is seemingly paved.

3. LB Connor Barwin

If there's one thing I know, it's that the Eagles are not 8-3 without Connor Barwin. The dude has been an absolute monster, already passing his career high in sacks (12.5) with five games left on the year. 98 added two sacks on the day as well as a forced fumble late in the game. Throughout the struggles this season, Barwin has been a constant threat for the Eagles and has proven he's one of the best pass-rushing 3-4 LBs in the league. "The Hunter" Trent Cole deserves a nod here too as he was double-teamed for much of the game, opening up lanes for Barwin to keep adding to his career year. These two are certainly the best duo we've seen from the Eagles in quite some time, let's hope they can keep it up for the next few years.

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